Dr. Marie Meade

Dr. Marie Meade
Dr. Marie Meade

Sessions with Dr. Marie

With the energy of the present, Dr. Marie can advise an array of future possibilities based on the greatest energy of the NOW... present at the time of the counseling session.

Healing Mind Treatments, Life Coaching, Metaphysical Counseling, Angel Readings, and 21st Century Tarot Readings.

To make an appointment with Dr. Marie:

  1. Contact Dr. Marie by this e-mail, drmariemeade@outlook.com - in subject line put "Appointment" or it it will go to the spam folder. Dr. Marie does not open spam.
  2. In the body of the e-mail, give times you are available and the appointment length you'd like. You'll find the list and prices below. Dr. Marie will get back to you within 24 hours.
  3. After receiving an appointment time from Dr. Marie, return to this page of drmariemeade.com to securely process your payment through the PayPal Shopping Cart buttons, located beneath their corresponding prices, for the chosen service you asked for. Following payment, you will receive in your e-mail, Dr. Marie's client telephone number to call for your appointment at the given time you requested. In the above mentioned e-mail message, Dr. Marie will confirm your appointment as well.

Session Types Available & Booking

30 Minute Counseling Session with Dr. Marie

30 minute counseling session with Dr. Marie conducted via phone call.


60 Minute Counseling Session with Dr. Marie

60 minute counseling session with Dr. Marie conducted via phone call.


Note: The 60 minute appointment has 10 free minutes, giving you a total of 70 minutes for your appointment.

Divinational Readings

10 Card Angel or Tarot Card Reading

Client's choice of Angel Reading or 21st Century style Tarot Reading. Readings are only conducted via e-mail at this time.


Metaphysical Prayers

For Mind, Energy, Conscious, and Subconscious Levels


A Metaphysical Pray for Wealth to manifest in your life, be it in the form of monetary wealth, emotional wealth, a wealth of healthy and fulfilling relationships. Unlock the door to wealth in your life with this powerful key.



Longing for more happiness and/or joy in your life? This Metaphysical Prayer will aid the flow of happiness and the expansion of joy throughout your life. What is will bring you happiness? What will infuse joy into all aspects of your life? Think about this, honestly and openly with yourself, and use this tool to achieve it!



This metaphysical prayer is designed to bring wellness to all levels of your life... physical... spiritual... emotional... mental.... wellness all around. Almost a panacea prayer meant to balance your life for an all around healthier and better existence.