Dr. Marie Meade


Retired teacher and counselor for pre-teen through young adults, published author, coordinator and director of programs K-12 and seniors, Dr. Marie assisted in transforming their lives.  She now combines her unique background in psychology, sociology, theology and metaphysics into all her programs and classes focusing on assisting others to master their life experiences, overcome mental resistance, and finally achieve their dream life easily.

Dr. Marie's doctoral studies took her into another direction from her undergraduate and graduate degrees using mental energy to transform and greatly inspire health, beauty, prosperity, loving relationships, and life fulfillment.  She provides easy to follow exercises, meditations, affirmations, mind treatments and other techniques to tap into Your Power Within.

Dr. Marie has a strong internet presence through her one-to-one interaction with her clients by e-mail and phone, plus her ever growing notoriety across several social media platforms.

A message from Dr. Marie:

Many people to whom I have given "counseling" have asked me exactly "what is Metaphysical Counseling"? First, I will tell you "what it is NOT". It is not some blind esoteric, mysterious cult. It is NOT a fraudulent, internet degree that so many phony con's put out there as an educated phantasmagoria. If you do not understand this, look it up. Metaphysics is NOT mere speculation as thought back in the 18th, 19th, and first half of the 20th centuries.

Yes, it drives me "crazy" when someone claims this particular subject matter as a specialty and having less than a high school diploma.

NOW, first of all, the background of "metaphysics" is PHILOSOPHY. METAPHYSICS is the science of BEING, and that which pertains to BEING, such as: its principles, its causes and its attributes and modes. My philosophy studies encompassed four years, my metaphysical studies encompassed 3 years and although I DO have valid, legitimate degrees, I AM still in the learning process as a senior. It is a science where there is always wisdom to be sought. It is a science of all truth, both natural and revealed. To know BEING, both philosphically and metaphysically, requires constant study and dedication to it. It is NOT a once and done!

BA in Theology and Sociology

MA in Clinical Psychology

PhD in Metaphysical Counseling