Dr. Marie Meade

MAY 27, 2017


The Third "Spiritual Three" as I call them is the CROWN CHAKRA located at the top, center of the head or just slightly above where a crown would sit. The Crown is connected to the Universe and Divine Energy. It is the source of enlightenment and spiritual connection to "ALL THAT IS". To experience the actual essence of the Crown, practices of meditation and prayer are essential. OK, you may not be a monk, a spiritual guru (or a want-to-be) spending hours a day in prayer, AND, that is NOT necessary. 5 to 10 minutes of a meditation practice during lunch breaks, and some daily mantras instead of gossiping with co-workers and on your social networks may just be the "medicine" you need to really get what you desire in life.

In fact, that's a pretty good price to pay for a balanced chakra energy system that can give you your desires, keep you healthy, bring prosperity into your life, and a whole lot of happiness.

This is a vital energy system that is connected to the Universe and the Divine. It can HEAL if in balance. It can cause illness in the physical body if out of balance. It is very important to know that energy healing takes TIME and WORK. Signs and symptoms of imbalance will NOT disappear overnight. Work with this energy and your mental, and physical life, will flow in harmony and peace. You will not experience the severe ups and downs and disappointments that may be in your life now. You will know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and the benefits you receive will be well worth the time you give yourself for the attention to your Energy Chakra System. But I am sure some of you will find excuses NOT to do it. AND that is why you are at times (or even all the time) in the undesirable places in life!

The SYMBOL for the CROWN is a CIRCLE with a THOUSAND PETALS OF THE LOTUS FLOWER around it, so it is at times called "The Chakra of a Thousand Petals". Physically the Crown is related to the Endocrine System, the Brain, and the Nervous System.

The Crown Chakra CANNOT be BLOCKED OR CLOSED. It can be undeveloped to degrees. Many young energy practitioners will use the familiar words of "blocked and closed" as it is more understandable as all the other chakras have these negative attributes. Remember what is said of this Chakra and the Energy that IT IS...UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE.

Yes it can be imbalanced and can be overactive. My PhD studies were primarily focused on "energy and mind". There are many healers out there that do good, but are very much unaware of the fact just stated. You cannot block or close ANY CONNECTION to the DIVINE (and that is very simply stated without the detailed studies that accompany that fact).


  • Being disconnected to your spirit
  • Closed minded
  • Inability to connect with other people
  • Feeling Disconnected Spiritually
  • Lack of direction
  • Fear of Death
  • Negative Thoughts prevail
  • Nervous Disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Alzheimer’s


  • Lack of Empathy
  • Depression
  • Seizures
  • Confusion
  • Aggression
  • Judgemental
  • Critical


  • In Control of Emotions and Speech
  • Intuitive
  • Grounded
  • Positive Inner Communication With Self
  • Growth of Your Spirit
  • Liberation From Limiting Patterns in Life
  • Communion and Connection With Higher Consciousness
  • Knowledge and Belief Structure In Creating Your Life
  • Connected to the Divine


Get to know these and use them when needed:



Sit quietly and relax your body taking 3 deep breaths. Breathe deeply in through your nose, hold it for the count of 4, release through your mouth. Picture a DEEP PURPLE disk circling to the left (your left) in the TOP CENTER OF HEAD and say 3 times:

"From my CROWN CHAKRA, I release with FREE WILL and DETERMINATION ALL negativity within me and aimed at me. I release all fears, doubts, and emotions that hinder my TRUST of THE DIVINE within me. I release any and all disconnection with the DIVINE FORCE. Make This So. AND SO IT IS."



Sit quietly and relax your body taking 3 deep breaths. Breathe deeply in through your nose, hold it for the count of 4, release through your mouth. Picture a WHITE OR GOLD disk circling to the right (your right) in the TOP CENTER OF HEAD and say 3 times:

"My CROWN CHAKRA is healing with balance and it is with FREE WILL and DETERMINATION I now HEAL my relationship to THE DIVINE and become aware of PRESENCE. The Divine within me becomes stronger. I now accept that I can and will blend my non-physical and physical realms with positivity and trust.”

I NOW focus on this MANTRA daily and throughout my life:



  • Begin releasing negative thoughts by "deleting/canceling" and put a positive in its place -you will be working with that Law of Cause and Effect.
  • Wear or carry violet/purple or clear gemstones like quartz crystal, diamond, amethyst for the crown chakra.
  • Take nature walks, breathe in fresh air.
  • 5-10 minutes of meditation at least once a week ( if you can daily).
  • Learn "Reiki" and USE it for yourself.
  • Burn incense in your home: lavender, sandalwood, rose, frankincense, myrrh, rosewood, sage (choose one a day or your favorite that relaxes you)
  • Write in journal every day or at least once a week (if you do not have one -get a book and begin) This is important even if you use it as a gratitude journal.
  • Communication with the Divine Force is necessary and this can serve as one source.

Learn NOW and KNOW that communication with the Divine is not just once a week in a church, temple, or house of worship. IT IS DAILY and unless you are addicted to that church, temple, house of worship from childhood experiences, that is not necessary. COMMUNICATION WITH DIVINE FORCE IS WITHIN YOU. And this IS SO.

OK ...NOW you are aware of the VITAL ENERGY that resides in all our bodies. Western medicine is just now beginning to support the existence of chakras. Eastern medical practitioners and Eastern countries and its people are aware of the importance of the energy, colors, symbols that represent the individual chakras. Learning how to work with these chakras will help you focus on and resolve issues affecting your life. KNOW that there is NO ONE PERFECT and COMPLETE.

"CHAKRA" means "WHEEL OF LIGHT". Everything is composed of energy and energy is everywhere. Change is not always easy. This takes a lot of practice and making the time for it. If you really want and desire change in your life, only YOU can do it. This practice is well worth it...Health - Happiness - Prosperity to ALL.

Blessings- Dr. Marie

May 15, 2017


The Second of what I call "the Spiritual Three". The BROW Chakra represents and it is the "seat of wisdom and learning." It is located in the forehead, between the 2 eyes, and therefore is called "the third eye" in some religious cultures.

It is the center of "spiritual intuition and visualization".

It is related to the element of light.

The Brow (Third Eye) Chakra symbol is the upside down triangle inside the lotus flower. This symbol is associated with wisdom.

The Brow Chakra is aligned physically with the eyes, ears, nose, brain, neurological system, the pituitary and pineal glands. The importance of the Brow Chakra and its energy is that it goes beyond the physical senses and is definitely connected to and aligned with Higher Consciousness..... Yes, the Divine Within.


  • Lack of clarity
  • Rejection of the spiritual
  • Feeling stuck
  • Cannot look beyond problems
  • Cannot set goals
  • Thinking capabilities are slow and mostly negative
  • Headaches


  • Disorientation
  • Psychological problems
  • Clouded judgement
  • Lack of focus
  • Severe headaches
  • Seizures
  • Insomnia


  • Migraines
  • Sinusitis
  • Poor Vision
  • Ear Infections


  • Delusions
  • Paranoia
  • Extreme Anxiety
  • Deep Depression
  • Mental Illness
  • Hallucinations
  • Thoughts and Dreams out of reality
  • Absolutely no spiritual associations or irrational connections to god force

When the BROW CHAKRA is open, healed and balanced, you will see life accurately and clearly. You know what you desire in life and make goals to get you there. The challenges and problems that come once in a while (and everyone gets them) you know or you find a sensible way to overcome them.

Your perception of people, places and events is highly developed with deep spiritual awareness and insights. The mind's eye elevates your physical consciousness and wisdom of the world you live in.


This CHAKRA open, healed and balanced is imperative to good mental health.



Sit quietly and relax your body taking 3 deep breaths. Breathe deeply in through your nose, hold it for the count of 4, release through your mouth. Picture a DEEP BLUE disk circling to the left (your left) in the FOREHEAD AREA BETWEEN THE 2 EYES and say 3 times:

"From my BROW CHAKRA, I release with free will and determination, ALL negativity in my life aimed at me and within me and I release this negativity from ALL LAWS. I release my past. I release anything and everything including people, places and things that block my Higher Consciousness. I release my fear of the future. I release all imbalanced metabolic functions that cause and compromise any and all physical and mental faculties within me. Make This So. AND SO IT IS.”


Sit quietly and relax your body taking 3 deep breaths. Breathe deeply in through your nose, hold it for the count of 4, release through your mouth. Picture a DEEP BLUE disk circling to the right (your right) in the FOREHEAD AREA BETWEEN THE 2 EYES and say 3 times:

"My BROW CHAKRA is open and healing with balance and it is with free will and determination I now open to spiritual awareness elevating my physical consciousness with clear mind and clear vision of my life. I am positive and move forward with motivation and power from within. I am free of all negativity and my life moves in the direction of peace, harmony, great good health of mind, body and spirit. Good health, prosperity, and happiness are mine NOW and in my future. Make This So. AND SO IT IS."


  • ...Meditation (at least once a week) should be 5-10 minutes daily
  • ...Star gazing in the evening
  • ...At New Moon each month, make goals for the month
  • ...Eat a balanced meal at least once a day
  • ...Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day
  • ...Take walks, and notice the beauty around you, blooming flowers, children playing, animals out and about
  • ...Get an animal to care for in your home
  • ...READ a good book once a month
  • ...Write in a journal daily or weekly
  • ...Have a favorite POSITIVE affirmation you say upon rising EVERY day.

FINAL CHAKRA of the MAJOR 7: CROWN-Center of Spirituality

May 27, 2017

MAY 3, 2017

THE THROAT CHAKRA - COLOR: BLUE - Turquoise or Aquamarine

The beginning of what I call "the Spiritual Three". The Throat Chakra represents "choice" and is the "expression of your will and the balance of emotional and mental intentions." It is located in the center of the neck at the level of the throat.

It is expression of self and communication, truth, purpose in life and creativity.

It is related to the element of sound.

The symbol that is most popular is a circle containing a downward pointing triangle in which there is another circle.

One of the most important functions of the Throat Chakra is interconnection with SPIRIT, both your spirit and THE ONE SPIRIT (Higher Consciouness) Clearing and Opening the Throat Chakra can and will align the energy system of the whole Chakra System.

The Throat Chakra is aligned physically with thyroid and parathyroid glands, throat, ears, mouth, shoulders, and neck.

Speaking your truth, does not mean you can be hurtful and mean and critical. The truth from your Higher Consciousness will be kind and compassionate. There is another example I am going to give you that cost me my thyroid gland. I was use to being very accommodating to especially my mother from a very young age. I loved her and never wanted her hurt in anyway. So if you are accommodating rather than saying what you want, be very, very, very careful...the cost will come.

My mother was very much into the catholic religion and loved the nuns that taught me. She always spoke to my brother and I about it and the wonderful life it must be. Soooo, at age 13, I entered an Order of the Sisters of Charity. I really did NOT like the life I was living. And really began to hate it eventually, when I matured and actually was very well educated by the Jesuits and them. It took courage that I never knew I had but at 23 years old and then a professed nun with vows, I left the order under great turmoil from my mother and the ORDER. Then I can say my life really began, but it did cost me my thyroid as I had a hyperactive thyroid, that eventually had to be corrected by surgery or radioactive iodine. I chose the latter and it destroyed my thyroid gland. It is a much longer story, shortened to emphasize the importance of CHOICE and TRUTH with the Throat Chakra.


  • Excessive fear of speaking
  • Dimenished self-esteem
  • Anxiety and Fear
  • Excessive desire to please
  • Life choices to please other people


  • Gossiping
  • Speaking inappropriately
  • Lying
  • Manipulating


  • Timid behavior
  • Insecurity
  • Introversion


  • Lack of connection to life
  • Feeling Lost and Empty
  • Secretiveness
  • Unable to speak clearly


Sit quietly and relax your body taking 3 deep breaths. Breathe deeply in through your nose, hold it for the count of 4, release through your mouth. Picture a BLUE disk circling to the left (your left) in the MIDDLE OF YOUR THROAT AREA and say 3 times:

"From my THROAT CHAKRA, I release with free will and determination, ALL fears and negativity and apprehension that hold me back from speaking my TRUTH. I release compromise. Make This So. AND SO IT IS."


Sit quietly and relax your body taking 3 deep breaths. Breathe deeply in through your nose, hold it for the count of 4, release through your mouth. Picture a BLUE disk circling to the right (your right) in the MIDDLE OF YOUR THROAT AREA and say 3 times:

"My THROAT CHAKRA is open and healing with balance through my Chakra Energy System and allowing my Higher Self to communicate to me and through me. I know my TRUTH. My CHOICES bring me happiness. I know and do the actions that bring me love and joy. I use my words to create trust and beauty in the world. Make This So. AND SO IT IS.”


  • ...Sing
  • ...Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day
  • ...Shake that body in other words DANCE
  • ...Wear a blue scarf
  • ...Wear blue jewelry: turquoise, aquamarine, blue topaz, lapis
  • ...Begin making choices YOU want
  • ...Choose a mantra (one sentence) from the OPENING to say when rising in the morning.

MAY 15, 2017


APRIL 11, 2017


The 4th Chakra is the HEART. It is associated with the element of AIR and is located in the chest area, actually around the heart. The color is green. The Heart Chakra is the connecting chakra to the 3 lower chakras which are mainly concentrated in the physical energy world and the 3 upper chakras that are concentrated in the spiritual energy world. It Is THE CENTER.

When the Heart Chakra is closed, you will have physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional imbalance. WOW! Oh yes!

Conditions associated with the negative are: high blood pressure, breathing issues, bouts of bronchitis, heart condition, being withdrawn and anti-social, being overly critical of yourself, feeling isolated, an inability to trust yourself and others, very weak or no religious affiliations.

Now this is the one chakra that can be overly open but imbalanced: you will feel like a victim, extending yourself to fulfill other people's needs thus losing a sense of well-being for yourself, the relentless religious fanatic, giving of one's life for an unsubstantiated cause, viewing people, places, events with a blind, overly emtional love. When the overly open energy of this chakra is present in you, there is a drain on your over all energy of every chakra, you are fatigued, depleted to carry out your positive goals.


Sit quietly and relax your body taking 3 deep breaths. Breathe deeply in through your nose, hold it for the count of 4, release through your mouth. Picture a GREEN disk circling to the left (your left) in your CHEST AREA. and say 3 times:

From my HEART CHAKRA, I, now release dwelling in the past, it is gone, it is over. My focus, releases from anything, anyone, any event of the past that I cannot change. It is a waste of my energy and precious time. I release all grief, anger, jealousy, fear of betrayal, hatred towards myself and others. I release all negativity that holds me back and any and all fears of success in achieving my goals.

Make This So. AND SO IT IS.


Sit quietly and relax your body taking 3 deep breaths. Breathe deeply in through your nose, hold it for the count of 4, release through your mouth. Picture a GREEN disk circling to the right (your right) in your CHEST AREA. and say 3 times:

My HEART CHAKRA is now OPEN and HEALING. I am open to love and joy in my life. I am open to accept and love myself first. I, now, live in balance and respect and feel love in my body, mind and spirit working together and am grateful. I AM THAT IS. My Being transcends my five senses and feelings. I am blessed and grateful in all areas of my life. My love extends to all with a “knowing love”. Make This So. AND SO IT IS.


  • ….Learn to forgive yourself and others and then to move on FORWARD.
  • ….Eat green leafy veggies and drink green tea.
  • ….SMILE-SMILE-SMILE...LAUGH-LAUGH-LAUGH This is a gift that cannot be purchased.
  • ….Listen to up beat music you like (sorry everyone...NOT the “country, cry in your beer junk”)
  • ….Give a hug...it's free.
  • ….Take a walk and see beauty and say “thank you” (oh yes, it's out there)
  • ….Wear green.
  • ….Wear green jade, emerald, malachite jewelry.
  • ….Dance (I didn't forget my favorite) PSSSS: Try dancing with your pets, it's fun and they like it too.


Beginning the upper three Spiritual Chakras.

APRIL 2, 2017


The Solar Plexus Chakra is approximately 2 fingers above your belly button and this is your POWER CENTER.

This is the Center of Energy. It governs your self-esteem, your will power, your self-discipline. In short, Solar Plexus is the Power Center that gives you the power to meet challenges and also gives you the energy to move forward in your life.

It is the Power Center where all the non physical energy that comes into your body from your Auric body of energy gets distributed throughout your physical body when your physical body is in resting mode. More on this after all chakras are cleared. This is the Center that gives you immediate intuitive responses to people around you, the environment you are in, and success or failure of what you are immediately in the process of doing.

Did you ever hear anyone say: “My gut tells me so???” Well, that is your immediate recognition of intuitive response. A sickening feeling, this is definitely NEGATIVE, and a happy, butterfly, soothing feeling is POSITIVE. This is the POWER to walk away or continue.

When you are overly critical, judgemental of your thoughts and actions, you weaken that intuitive power in the third chakra.

Your acknowledgement of you, your self-love, your ambition to move forward with positivity builds the strength of this chakra. This is a very important chakra. You now have the FIRST 3 CHAKRAS and these should be cleared on a daily basis for ultimate SUCCESS or at least once a week.


Sit quietly and relax your body taking 3 deep breaths. Breathe deeply in through your nose, hold it for the count of 4, release through your mouth. Picture a YELLOW disk circling to the left (your left) 2 fingers above your belly button and say 3 times:

“I am free of being a victim. I, no longer allow in my life, being ignored, unappreciated, lack of affection, and any and all kinds of rejection. I release all feelings of inadequacy. I am free of all depression. I am free of all energy that is negative. These releases are by my command with determination and free will. Make this so. AND SO IT IS”


Take 3 deep breaths. Breathe deeply in through your nose, hold it for the count of 4, release through your mouth. Picture a YELLOW disk circling to the right (your right) 2 fingers above your belly button and say 3 times:

“My SOLAR PLEXUS is now open and healing. I am free to express myself. I am assertive without being overbearing. I am able to accomplish new challenges in a positive manner. I succeed in achieving my goals. I get excited when I achieve any part of my goals. I reward myself. I have positive power in my mind, body, and spirit. I am satisfied, successful, happy, peaceful and balanced in my body, mind, and spirit. These releases are by my command with determination and free will. Make this so. AND SO IT IS”


  • ***Dance
  • ***Sing
  • ***Beat on a drum
  • ***Stand TALL, Head UP
  • ***Speak up when you need to
  • ***Dress sharp
  • ***Take care of your Nutrition and Exercise regularly
  • ***LOOK people IN THE EYES when speaking to them
  • ***SMILE a lot
  • ***MEDITATE AND RELAX YOUR MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT for at least 5 to 10 minutes a day.


March 22, 2017


It is the chakra of creation and sexuality. It is located at the womb level, below the navel and above the pubic bone. The organs that are physically involved are the lower abdomen, the large intestine, the bladder and the reproductive organs. It is also connected with the element of water so its characteristics are flow and cleansing.

When out of balance symptoms include, but are not limited to, emotional volatility, attachment issues, sexually-related guilt, hypersensitivity, trust issues, incompleteness, unfulfilled life, lack of creativity, and fatigue. This chakra is your most important emotional center and because of this, at one time or another, most of us will experience an imbalance here.

The work of the energy of this chakra is about how we relate to people and how we seek validation. It is of utmost importance to let go of any guilt we feel and to stay connected to ourselves and to others. This chakra gives us “feelings and creativity”.

This chakra is associated with “moon energy”. Emotions…emotions…emotions!!!!!

When the sacral chakra is balanced and the energy is flowing, you feel energized in every area of your life. Did you know this chakra governs our sense of taste. Yes, this applies to the physical as well as the spiritual. WELL-BEING, sexuality, and our allowing ourselves prosperity and abundance are all focused here, just as the “root” is the foundation and security focus.

Are you enjoying your life? Or, do you feel helpless to do anything to change it? If you feel you are living an incomplete and unfulfilled life, sacrificing, denying, giving up dreams for another person, believing suffering is a good thing and has rewards…get real, you are blocked in the sacral region in your energy field. Sacrifice and suffering for any reason what so ever results in an inability or unwillingness to develop life itself. This insidious pattern gets passed down to your children and other people associated with you by your energy field.

Begin to open that chakra to pleasure and happiness and let go of suffering and pain. You have the right and a potential for a fulfilling and rich life.


Sit quietly and relax your body taking 3 deep breaths. Breathe deeply in through your nose, hold it for the count of 4, release through your mouth. Picture a ORANGE disk circling to the left (your left) in your lower abdomen. and say 3 times:

“From my Sacral Chakra, I release sacrifice from my life. I release all doubts and fears. I forgive and release the past. I release ALL inhibitions of good on natural impulses and my creativity. I release any and all my negativity in this energy. I now release all cause and effects from this negativity. These releases are by my command with determination and free will. Make this so. AND SO IT IS”

Now take 3 deep breaths as you did before.

Picture a ORANGE disk spinning to the right (your right) in your lower abdomen and say 3 times:

“MY SACRAL CHAKRA IS NOW OPEN TO ACCEPT HEALING. I NOW CHOOSE to do what I need to do for my own well-being and happiness. I choose to love myself unconditionally. I only take and allow GOOD from my past that benefits my well-being in body, mind and spirit. I heal my life from this moment on. I reclaim my power to be me in happiness and joy. I AM HEALED. I AM IN BALANCE. MY ENERGY MOVES FORWARD. This is by my command with determination and free will. Make this so. AND SO IT IS.”

Do this one for one week, everyday. REDO ROOT too.


Begin with simple things…

  • …play with a pet
  • …go outside and play a childhood game with your kids
  • …replant your house plants
  • …play some music AND get up and dance
  • …go shopping and treat yourself
  • …start a journal
  • …write a poem…paint or color a picture


MARCH 12, 2017


As I have said so many times, but it is still worth repeating: “if you believe in limitations, sacrifice, lack, that is exactly what you will get in your physical life in all forms.” What you think and believe (no matter the source you received it from), that is what creates in your reality. In other words, the life you are living right NOW, either for better or worse. If it is good, you can make it better. If it is bad, it can be changed.

It is your conscious mind that tells you:

  • … “stop, you cannot do it”
  • … “I have to accept, God wills this for me”
  • … “it's too difficult”
  • … “I have to accept the place where I'm at, it will only get worse for me”
  • … “it will never happen”
  • … “it works for everybody else but me”
  • … “I can’t do that”
  • … “I don’t have time for that.”
  • … “I am too busy just surviving.”
  • … “nothing is easy for me”
  • … “why do they have so much”
  • … “I never get what I really want”

Then, even sometimes, “why doesn”t God help me?”

And so on and so on … where does all this come from, “OH BOY” here we go...
FROM PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, TEACHERS, RELIGIOUS LEADERS, SOME MENTORS AND ADVISORS THEN CONTINUES INTO ADULTS FROM FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES....oh, yes, it did and still does! And do not try and tell me otherwise, I have been studying this material of mind and energy for over 30 years.

I have known children and adults that have been raised with all kinds of discipline and most outrageously mind discipline and they are struggling adults NOW. Fear and doubts plague them. Success may come briefly then it turns them backwards and upside down again. Some of these people become the “con people” of the world. Their success is built on fear and doubt of losing what they have. They are always what we call “looking over their shoulder for who is taking from them” OR “blaming someone/anyone including God for their failure”. Truth is not a part of their vocabulary. They can never be real leaders.

And I have experienced children who were allowed to play, have fun, ask questions, corrected wisely when they were wrong about certain things (not yelled at and condemned) that grew to be very successful and happy adults that also grew into wisdom from experiences they were not afraid to try. They never fear sharing and helping others. They are healthy, doing well financially, and are happy. They are always studying and seeking better in life. Their ambition to succeed is never compromised by fear or doubt. If something does not work out, they pick themselves up, brush it off and begin again. These are the REAL “ movers and shakers” of the world. These are the REAL leaders.


The next seven weeks, I will concentrate on CHAKRA ENERGY and clearing.

I will show you a very simple method of clearing and activating your non physical Chakra Energy that is vital to a good Mind, Body, Spirit experience and it can correct a lot of your physical experiences that are making you stuck in life.

Within our bodies you have seven of these major energy centers and many more minor ones. Chakras connect your spiritual body to your physical one.

If you are stuck in negative generational beliefs, fears, doubts, hate, jealousy, even some financial difficulty, backaches, restlessness when sitting long periods of time, a lot of ROOT CHAKRA ENERGY must be cleared.

Your ROOT CHAKRA is at the base of your spine and its color is RED. This is your foundation and associated with survival, your body, health and material wealth.

Everyone and I mean every one that I have counseled, healed, metaphysically examined, has had blockage in their Root Chakra. This is where Kundalini resides in a slumbering state. Kundalini awakening comes as a result from deep meditation, and the over all feeling is one of enlightenment and bliss and is sometimes called “the ha-ha experience”. More on this as we get through the basic clearing and activation process.

YOU MUST HAVE A QUIET SPACE WITH ABSOLUTELY NO TV, NO COMPUTER, and NO CELL PHONE and if you have one, TURN OFF YOUR LAND LINE AS WELL. This takes concentration with the least distraction as possible. This is the only time my dog remains quiet. All my animals somehow know to respect Mom's “Chakra Time”.

CHAKRAS - beginning


Sit quietly and relax your body taking 3 deep breaths. Breathe deeply in through your nose, hold it for the count of 4, release through your mouth. Picture a red disk circling to the left (your left) at the base of your spine and say 3 times:

“I release all generational beliefs from parents and grandparents, all teaching from teachers, mentors, religious leaders that DO NOT benefit my life for the HIGHEST TRUTH and GOOD. I release all negativity and blocks that are preventing me to move positively forward. I release all illness, limitation, and lack in my life. I release all negative thoughts, words, spoken and written, and actions done by me in my life. I now release all cause and effects from this negativity. These releases are by my command with determination and free will.

Make this so. AND SO IT IS”

Now take 3 deep breaths as you did before.

Picture a red disk spinning to the right (your right) at the base of your spine and say 3 times:


I am positive and enhancing my life with all GOOD. Opportunities come easily and effortlessly to me. With gratitude, I accept opportunities and act upon them.


By my command with determination and free will, Make this so. AND SO IT IS.”

Do this one for one week, everyday at your convenience. You will begin to see a big difference in your energy and the energy that surrounds you. Weekly, I’ll send you a chakra to work. With each new chakra you receive, go back to the root and work with it as stated above. So every week, you will clear and open a chakra I send, and also return to the ROOT and clear and open each week. As you will see more clearly, the ROOT is very important.

Blessings- Dr. Marie

March 22 - Sacral Chakra – Orange

Chakras…there are seven major ones that are crucial to your well-being...


March 5, 2017



Just as the seasons have certain established modes in different parts of the planet Earth; also stages of development in a human being; so all energy has its own rhythm. When following the 12 Immutable Laws of Creation, one MUST learn to focus on and with the higher vibrational energies. It is essential to rise above the negative in life so as negative does not penetrate one's consciousness.

Negative rhythm reflects a very low vibration and low energy vibration brings undesirable effects in lives and their environment.



…... yin and yang. Both are required for life to exist just as all things require space, time, and nurturing. THIS IS CREATION. Oh, yes, it is for all the close minded that believe they are all one gender!!!!

In each creation, one may exhibit more masculine and/or more feminine. BUT and a BIG ONE...ALL CREATION exists with both masculine and feminine energies. Both are required for life to exist.




Stay tuned in...more to come!

February 26, 2017



This Law begins with inspired ACTION from the MIND and not physical activity although physical activity is necessary. To manifest anything, there is focus such as thoughts with strong emotion, words spoken and written, actions taken.

The physical activity associated with this Law is a goal or goals set and those goal (s) should be in writing, the physical activity that focuses the Mind and directs the Universe to bring to you what you are focusing on.

The Law of Action states to manifest your wishes, desires, dreams in this world, the action taken supports your thoughts and words with focus on your written words. Any physical activity should be in line with your mental goal and positive in your focus of it.

Again positive brings positive results, negative brings negative results!



There are three planes of Correspondence:

...Mental Plane is the state of mind that evolves as we advance with age, education, experiences, environment we live in, becoming who we are.

...Spiritual Plane develops and grows and used in conjunction with the Mental Plane adding to it guidance and intuition.

...Physical Plane is where our thoughts and emotions exist.

The Intuitive Mind on the Spiritual Plane is the ONLY ASPECT OF MIND that can see and feel SPIRIT. The Law of Correspondence operates through the Intuitive Mind and cannot be deceived ...BUT, and a BIG BUT, that is developed through the Spiritual Plane and its development is up to each and every individual.


This development can enhance our vision on any subject and actually penetrate secrets past, present, and future. The attainment is VARIED according to each individual and their metaphysical understanding of....


To be continued....March 5, 2017 ...The Final two LAWS.



February 19, 2017


“The Universe is the entire space, time continuity and all matter and energy.”

This is my own definition making the different philosophies and associated philosophers much more simple for this blog. Again, know that this is a year of study and more combined with science and philosophy with dashes of theology. Making this Law more simple:


Are you ready to open your mind and heart to TRUTH? Let's begin:

Your God (creator so you were taught I am sure), Goddess (female divine entities through all time from creators to prime examples to life itself), Angels (divine “helpers” to humanity), Universe (encompassing all space, time, matter and energy), First Cause/Source (the entity that began all space, time, matter and energy)..........whatever the Divine you recognize or even don't recognize IS PART OF YOU.

YOU are an Aspect and Divine Expression of the Source and so are space, time, all matter and all energy and that includes ALL HUMANITY. And, together, this is creation.

Now what does all this mean?

Very, very, simply put, this Law teaches you that space, time, matter, energy, all humanity AFFECT each other and EFFECTS flow from every and all manifestations. Once we begin to understand the connectiveness that this Law teaches, we can identify the good (positive) and the bad (negative) around us and in the world and environment we live in.

Creation is NOT just humanity. Yes, humanity with its free will AFFECTS time, space, matter and energy for good or bad. So the EFFECTS will be good or bad.

This is very important. Those EFFECTS go forward in time, space, in matter and energy.... for better or worse...

AFFECT is the influence, the emotion, the spoken and written words, the act.

EFFECT is the outcome of that affect in time, space, matter and energy and humanity.


You know something is wrong and you do nothing. This Law does require being pro-active in your life and the environment you live in, the planet you inhabit. It requires some positive activity because no activity and knowing something is wrong places you in the negative affect which produces a very difficult life of negative effects for you.

Now what Law connects to this one? If you said “all”, you are correct.

The one that especially connects to Divine Oneness is The Law of Cause and Effect.


This Law states that absolutely everything in the Universe has movement and vibrates. Yes, there are different speeds and frequencies. And yes, everything is connected and has its own vibrational frequency.

Science, primarily Quantum Physics of the late 20th century and now the 21st century can show us that everything in the Universe is energy. And just because we may not see it with our eyes, it does exist.

It is no longer “seeing is believing”. This theory is antiquated and depends strictly on the five senses of humanity. The Law of Vibration goes far beyond the five senses.

Just as a cell phone became part of humanity the past 25 years so eventually in future generations learning to send positive thoughts and vibrations will become part of every day behavior in humanity. Understanding that the right vibration in thoughts, words, actions will manifest that dream we desire will become part of most of humanity. There are always some of humanity that will never understand because of lack of education, false generational beliefs, irrational thinking due to many negative effects in their lifetime. Future generations of humanity will begin to realize thoughts and the power of vibration penetrate through time and space. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

Send out positive energies, manifestation you attract will be positive.

Send out negative energies, manifestation you attract will be negative.

Your vibration, your thoughts, your spoken and written words, your actions are definitely ALL connected to The Law of Attraction.

TO BE CONTINUED........February 26, 2017



February 12, 2017


Again very, very simply stated: “GET BACK WHAT YOU GIVE”.

Now right away, I hear: “But I don't have money to give, I am just surviving.” This law like all the laws does NOT incorporate only $$$$$$$.....much more.

It does mean, time given freely (a very precious commodity or it should be in your life), words spoken and/or by actions (are they negative or positive), and thoughts sent out with feeling and emotion. All the above when given out, will come back in some form or other to you.

A smile when you don't feel like smiling....listening with heart and mind (which by the way may give you knowledge you could use some day for your benefit)....holding a door open for someone behind you when you are in a hurry....a written word of encouragement (this has at times far reaching compensation depending on the person receiving those words and their state of mind). And of course “money” given freely with love and from your heart.

SOOOO....remember you will get back what you give!


Anyone with a science background knows this one when speaking “scientifically”.


Metaphysics is one of the oldest branches of thought and energy dating back to the 16th century. It involves science, philosophy, spirituality, theology and so much more.

Polarity tells us we have the POWER to suppress and transform negative thoughts, words, actions by concentrating on the opposite energy vibration. Polarity is definitely the law of mental vibration.

SAD...think of something funny, watch a comedy on TV, go see a funny movie...LAUGH.

ANGER ...use this to proactively change what made you angry...do not leave it be....DO SOMETHING.

TO BE CONTINUED- February 19



February 5, 2017


This Law should have a 5 star for importance in our lives.

Again, this is only a very brief but to the point explanation of The Law of Cause and Effect.

It is the answer to all people that question things in their lives and have a tendency to “blame” others or events in their lives (read and digest carefully):

What you think and feel comes back to you.

What you say comes back to you.

What you do comes back to you.

Oh, yes, it does. It may not come back in the same way you put it out there, but an effect will surface in your life in some way. And yes, your thought with a certain emotion, your words, your action is the cause.

When it is positive and joyful, expect the effect to be a positive and joyful outcome. When it is negative in any way ( struggle, carelessness, depravity, depression, resentment, turmoil, anger, fear) get the picture, expect the effect to be an outcome along those words, actions, thoughts you are giving out.

Understand this - with this Law and all 12 Laws, YOU are the co-creator of your life experiences and be thankful for that. With “free will” and the flow of energy, anything can be changed.

Any negative you think with an emotion, any negative you say, any negative action you do: cancel it, delete it, remove it from the law of cause and effect as soon as you think, say or do it.

My summation for this Law know this that every thought with an emotion, every word said, every action taken is the CAUSE that carries with it consequences (the EFFECT), positive or negative, and that is up to you, no one else.


Next: The Laws of Compensation and Polarity

The 12 Metaphysical Laws of Creation January 22 to February 26

January 22 to 29, 2017

The Law of Attraction

This is probably the best known law and the one most metaphysical counselors talk about.

Very simply it is “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE”. What does it mean, really mean, well, if your energy is in the gloomy, downward spiral, that is what you are going to attract, more of that! Things you say, will come to you. Words are actually more powerful than most of your thoughts. What you write, will come to you. Spoken and written words have the power of manifestation. AND a big AND, when speaking them, when writing them, your feelings are wrapped around them...oh boy, look out!

If you are a church, temple, attendee, there is usually a lot of words spoken and a lot of loud, uplifting music and that is to get the energy of all attendees soaring up and in a positive atmosphere. It is the atmosphere for manifesting. Again, a rally, a protest march, loud shouting, signs, feelings whether positive or negative manifests what is being said.

You can expect much “manifesting” of negatives and positives with protest marches. This leads to a chaotic state. Protests should be done very positively and that will get the change they are seeking. Remember “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE” - take a deep breath and carefully select the words and actions that you really do want to manifest. Make sure your energy is flowing in the same positive direction.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.

Very, very briefly that means ENERGY IS IN CONSTANT MOTION. And this is important for everyone that feels “stuck” in whatever situation. YOU and YOU alone have the POWER to change the flow. Think, Say, Feel, and begin Doing positive things. There is absolutely nothing you cannot change. Health, Happiness, Money Prosperity can begin to flow with a positive mind set. Giving up and settling gets you STUCK. There is always a way to change the flow of energy. Thank the Divine Entity that all our thoughts do not carry the energy of manifestation. A thought, any thought must have the feeling, the emotion, the words, some action with it and this is the energy needed for manifestation.

Enter the New Year knowing the possibility of change and that is the beginning.

The Law of Relativity

Again briefly, this Law tells us, ENERGY IS ALWAYS MANIFESTING. You bet it is!

And that is why you have ups and downs in your life. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE will face some challenges in their life time.

One of the best descriptions for this is the emotions of fear, anger and love. If you ever feared that something will happen, it did. If you ever were angry about something, it escalated into actually being something negative in your life. Now if you loved something special , a person, a place, an event, it brought you joy and increased your happiness.

Need I say more about MANIFESTATION ENERGY?


January 15, 2017

….LAW OF ATTRACTION (continued)

It is time to connect MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT! If you think you do not have time for this, the Universe will sooner or later give you time for what I call the

“3 L’s”


How to connect? …Meditation is a phenomenal way to clear your mind, reduce stress and finally achieve inner peace. Read or write poetry. Visualization of your goals accomplished. Yes, this would be the “as if” dream state.

…Exercise increases your physical and mental health. It elevates self-esteem, increases mental clarity. Walking, yoga, message, do something you enjoy.

…Eat well-balanced meals. Drink plenty of fluids (non-alcoholic).

…Connect with nature. Hike, a walk by the ocean, stroll through a park. See what is around you.

...Get your energy moving. Listen to music that is positive and uplifting. Dance (whether you think you can or not) Beat on a drum. Be happy and feel excitement throughout your mind, body and spirit.

…Say your favorite affirmation each morning on rising.

…Journaling connects you with all levels of mind. Journaling helps to release those negatives. On one page write negatives that are bothering you and at the end write this below: “I release all negatives aimed at me and within me and I release ALL cause and effects of this negativity. It Is So”. Then on another page, write positive thoughts and goals. And at the end of your positive thoughts and goals, write: “It Is So-And So It Is.”

Sit down every Sunday night and PLAN each day for the week ahead giving yourself EACH DAY a time FOR YOU. Make it happen!

Is this easy…in the beginning, absolutely not. Understanding and mastering the Law of Attraction is the key to success in all areas of your life. This schedule will take time, perseverance, and work. And it is just the beginning!!!! Without it, you cannot go further. Is it worth it? Oh, yes, yes, yes! Remember “Like attracts Like” and YOU CREATE IT.


Blessings-Dr. Marie

January 8, 2017


How many times have you heard this statement in the past ten years: “What you focus on expands.” Why? Everything and I mean “everything” that exists from the dirt in Mother Earth to the farthest star in the farthest galaxy is composed of pure energy. Ladies and gentlemen this is no longer a theory, it is fact.

Regardless of your beliefs or your awareness, the Law of Attraction is working whether deliberately by you or by default. You are sending out positive or negative energy into the Universe and whatever you are sending out will be returned to you.

So I can hear some of you already saying: “I didn’t want this in my life.” Oh, yes, you did! A thought, words said, and most important an emotion and feeling projected, emitted from you returned what you have and you allowed it.

…How many times have you focused on things you don’t want?

…How many times have you said: “It’s my luck, I’ll probably get this (opposite to what you really want).

…How many times have you blamed God, Divinity, Universe, Ascended Masters, Guardians, Angels for what is in your life?

…How many times have you said, “I can’t do that”… Or … “I don’t have time for that.”… “I am too busy just surviving.”

Are you surviving?

I find this almost always applies to “taking care of mind, body and spirit.” Setting time aside for YOU each day is very, very important to your mental well-being, your physical well-being, and your spiritual well-being. If you are NOT doing this, all areas of your life are affected with obstacles, stress, self-esteem issues, illness, doubts, lack of money, negative interpretation, dissatisfaction, and lack of peace, etc.

Watch out for the “3 L's” !!!!!


January 1, 2017


No matter what your age, become a person who always says “yes, to life” because this opens you to “opportunity”. Be grateful even if that opportunity does not get you everything you desire. This gratitude keeps the “Gates” open for more, and the next one may be the one you are seeking.

I love the Eastern Masters when they teach. There is a Chinese Proverb:

“When things are going good, the business grows, when things are going bad, you grow!”

So what these Masters are saying “there is never a circumstance wasted.” We are always in the learning curve. Being grateful keeps us in the opportunity curve.

Blessings-Dr. Marie

December 31, 2016 - HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY

Last Blog of 2016 is a teaching blog from me to you. As a lot of you know, my early choice in life required me to receive two majors in my undergraduate degree. The one I chose today is my Theology major to reveal to you a truth that has been avoided unless you are a theology major with additional graduate studies. I call it “ AN ILLUSION OF TRUST - THE HIDDEN TRUTH”

How many times have you heard “Let Go and Let God”? If you follow that programming to the letter (in other words a literal translation and/or meaning) what exactly do you hope to achieve in this life? A most important part humanity plays in creation is the exercise of FREE WILL with all its ups and downs.

Let's get some words and titles defined. God, Goddess, Divinity, Angels, Universe, First Cause, in this writing will be called SOURCE. Humanity is an Aspect and Divine Expression of Source.

If Source desired each of us to be inherently Perfect, humanity would be so. Source expresses through each of us to experience an alternative scenario. (Human example: if I described to you a million dollars, you would know a million dollars. But if I gave you a million dollars, you would know it, feel it, and what it could do for you.) Source does not need humanity.

To achieve the state of awareness when Source expresses, (gives life) there is a necessary flowing of energy with the Laws. By the way, these Laws are not the human laws set by humanity. They are Metaphysical/Universal Laws existing for creation. Humanity is NOT BEINGS OF CONTROL and never will be as that would not be Total Perfection which is an Aspect of Source. And yes, at times we are controlled by outside influences (parents, teachers, religion) which we are always free to rationally and intelligently move forward to freeing ourselves from irrational beliefs and illogical thinking.

By ONLY living a life of “allowing”, the belief of “Let Go and Let God”, one denies conscious thought, creativity, and right action. If you want to be a mystic, go join a monastery...and give up one of the most precious gifts given...free will. Yes, I am being blunt and honest. This is a teaching blog. We are creatures of BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. To be an expression of Perfection, ALL THREE had better be working together. When we have bodily sensations as hunger, thirst, pain, pleasure and emotions of fear, joy, happiness, doubt, we do not think of them as spiritual experiences. GUESS AGAIN!

A spiritual person is one who lives FULLY NOW. Yes, it is one who lives in the present moment and body, mind and spirit are in the experience. Because of misconceptions due to some religious practices by certain cultures, many people have concluded that renouncing the body and all its emotions and controlling desires is the way of “spirituality”. This is totally and absolutely incorrect and a definite untruth. Another misconception is “sacrifice”. Why would the Source want to experience anything less than Perfection through us? Sacrifice is not perfection.

Each one of us has one body, mind and spirit and they are NOT separate from each other. Although because of false beliefs fed to us through the years, we tend to separate them and cause imbalance. This is a very, very small part of the real Study of SOURCE. My study was 6 years, plus.

Spirituality is body, mind and spirit working as ONE. It is not a church, temple, or any minister. Spirituality brings material abundance and maintaining material abundance is through spirituality. It is all right to enjoy the Fruits of Plenty and to be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. It is all right to co-create and satisfy desires of good health, loving relationships, prosperity. And unless you begin to see and accept your body, mind and spirit as ONE, the impossible will remain the impossible.

One of the important LAWS...Law of Attraction coming soon!

Blessings-Dr. Marie

December 25, 2016

JOY can be your gift to your family and friends this holiday season.

2016 has been a difficult year for many and try not to end it in the same way. Giving JOY in your thoughts, words and actions will be rewarded by Divinity and the Universal Forces. Jupiter reigns and Uranus goes direct, what a fantastic combination for the holiday season.

Of course, Mercury retrogrades from December 19 through to January 8, 2017. Be careful buying anything associated with communication, business, and travel. Retrogrades are not all bad. Retrograde is a time to look back in your life, and see what needs to be corrected and changed in life circumstances making the intention to do so.

Retrogrades are considered “backward” movement of the planets, but actually is a “standing still”, reminding us to consider the backward movements we made and are presently standing still in a negative situation. Retrogrades give us the opportunity to eradicate the negative, the karma, and making us ready to move forward. USE THIS TIME WISELY!

Blessings-Dr. Marie

December 18, 2016


Many times, I have had clients tell me “I cannot dream positive, my life is a mess.”

This is so very untrue. And if you are one that thinks this, you need a lot of help. Your life will remain a mess. And believe this, remaining in this state, your life will get worse.

Your mind is your most powerful tool to success. What you say and write affects the way you think. Your words develop your conscious and subconscious beliefs.

Speak lack, unhappiness, poverty and yes, that is what you will live with.

Speak abundance, happiness, wealth, that's what you will get. What you say, reveals what you are thinking. Your subconscious mind translates your words, spoken and/or written into images creating your reality.

You don't have to speak “as if” which many therapists recommend to create positivity in your life. This is good in meditation and your dream state, but when speaking or writing in public, it may be difficult to live in the “as if” world.

But this can be done. Take this example:

This should NOT be spoken...”I don't want to lose on this deal”

Your subconscience translates this statement as losing and so the losing image is sent out to be manifested.

This is what should be said...”I want to win on this deal”

See the difference.

Your subconcious forms a winning image and all the forces including the Universe work towards that end to manifest a winning deal.

Release negative thoughts, speak with chosen words, write always with your end result you want to manifest.

You've heard this many times “think outside the box” positive creativity fills that tractor beam and you will be surprised by the spectacular manifesting power you have. Law of Attraction coming soon!

Blessings - Dr. Marie

December 11, 2016


Make your time in a day count. Be intentional and wise.

Get to a CHALLENGE first because this is the height of your energy and mind alert. Then when energy wanes (begins to slow down) give yourself a break. HOW?

Meditate, write in a journal, color (yes, I said color, get crayons and a coloring book-fairy tales, super heroes, flowers, mandelas), play a game, do a word puzzle. Day-dream (positive please) while doing your break. Time your break.

For those in a 9 to 5 job, divide your lunch break in half, eat, then do some deep breathing and positively day-dream before going back to work. You’ll feel a lot better and maybe enjoy what you are doing a little more. For those of you that already love what you are doing, this time can give great ideas to make it more enjoyable. Try it. It does work!

Blessings - Dr. Marie

December 8, 2016

ENERGY AND THE MIND (by the way, my specialty in my doctorate studies)

You have heard this many times, "all matter is energy", this is fact and physics.

Energy, all energy vibrates. Vibration is like a magnet and acts as a tractor beam.

Hey … remember “Star Trek” , “beam me up Scotty”! Who knew, they were on the right beam!

Are you sad, bitchy, unsatisfied, gloomy, needy, depressed, complaining how the universe brings 'bad stuff' to you, feeling poor, unlucky?

Your tractor beam has a lot more of this to give to you. Oh, you think some part of Divinity is going to change all this? Guess again! For some reasoning that was given when educational standards were on the poor side, many individuals believe they are not in control of what is happening to them. I believe in SPIRITUALITY, but we have a blessing called “free will” and did you know that cannot be interfered with at any time even by Divinity.

Negativity and fear murders your positive manifesting ability. The Universe is the unseen listener of thoughts, spoken and written words which send out vibrations. First of all, STOP pretending you are not in control.

Check out being happy, joyful, grateful, loving, and see the change of your tractor beam to success, good health, love, money prosperity because those emotions vibrate at a very high pitch and that's what will fill your tractor beam. A state of negativity and fear will attract exactly more of that.

There are Universal Laws out there and this one is called “Law of Attraction”.

Much more coming on this getting you ready for a great 2017 year.

Blessings-Dr. Marie