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If your desires include Health, Wealth, and Happiness, then they definitely should be the utmost desires of “Well Being “ for your Body, Mind and Spirit. Because having Health, Wealth, Happiness IS the “Well Being” of YOU and that depends definitely on how your energy is flowing.

To have this Well Being of Consciousness takes using wisdom in having an ABUNDANT MIND SET. AWARENESS, SPIRITUALITY.

Now what does this all mean?
An abundant mindset is one that is grateful for what it has and believes on a daily basis that more is on its way. When ANY good comes, an abundant mindset says “thank you”, gets excited, and believes the next will be bigger and better. An abundant mindset treats itself to a material item (big or small) when each good thing comes which automatically brings more blessings from the Universe. It is also showing “BELIEF” which is very important. An abundant mindset NEVER cheats or cleverly eludes paying just debts. An abundant mindset will never tolerate being cheated or cheating of any kind. An abundant mindset is generous and gives money (when capable); gives time (when available); gives support (when asked OR sees the need); and always gives a SMILE (which is worth more than you may think). 
I am sure anyone reading this can add more to this description of an abundant mindset.

AWARENESS and SPIRITUALITYAgain, spirituality is what is in you, not the external church, temple, mosque, religious gathering.

Spiritual Masters of Old Religions are “masters” because they knew and felt vibrations from Divinity and their followers. We all have different thoughts, beliefs, experiences, hopes, dreams, so, therefore, put out different vibrations.
All vibrations intersect with each other and impact each other. So when someone is around you putting out a low vibration due to illness, anger, depression, resentment, jealousy, IT WILL IMPACT YOU on a subtle, energetic level. I am sure at one time or another, you were in a very high vibration, feeling great, happy, then all of a sudden you felt upset, sad, maybe even a little angry and didn't know why.

STOP...PAY ATTENTION....to what, who, maybe in your vicinity or even in your company, could be thinking about you, or part of what you are participating in. Yes, whether or not you are part of the group or not, you MUST RELEASE because you are being affected. Depending on your state of spirituality, you may not be affected as above, but a certain feeling within you tells you to “release”.
Now this release can be a mental “trigger word” that you have already implanted in your subconscious level-creative mind or an item you carry or wear for protection. If it is the trigger word, begin saying it in your mind 11 times. If it is an item touch it and hold it for a few seconds. This item again should be previously blessed with your power for protection.

By the way, Crystals and certain Stones have been used for both healing and manifestation by the Spiritual Masters around the world. Crystals support you and can affect deep, lasting healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Crystals have the power to raise your vibrational frequency. Used regularly, they do it very quickly! Crystals have the power to gather and direct energy. Scientists today call them “vibrational conduits”.

Here are just a few:

  • Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer" of Body, Mind, Spirit and amliphies the power of other crystals and stones. EVERYONE should carry and/or wear one of these.
  • Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone.
  • Lapis Lazuli, it is a powerful stone of protection.
  • Aventurine, the stone of Luck and Wealth, great for healing money problems.
  • Citrine is a stone of manifestation, the power of the sun.
  • Onyx can help release negative emotions, also for protection.
  • Rose Quartz is the stone of Unconditional Love.

I use and wear gemstones in ALL my Metaphysical Prayers, Rituals, and in ALL my counseling sessions uniting my thoughts and words with Divinity and Angelic and Universal Forces. They really give YOU the necessary vibration that is needed. BELIEVE ME...they do work!

Blessings - Dr. Marie

PS... If interested in any type of jewelry, contact my daughter:

Deborah Meade, aaamagickcauldron@gmail.com and in subject line put “crystals and stones” so it does not go to spam. Deborah creates jewelry with many different gemstones. She may just have something you need.

“RELEASE and BEGIN ATTUNING to 2019” coming in the December Blog




To be very honest and sincere with all readers, this world tends to be negative or have many doubts about a good life. Real life today is a complicated web of challenges and responsibilities in life, in work, and in the home. Oh yes, at times, the “happiness bug” bites and the sting lasts for awhile then just like a sting leaves a little itch … this itch wanting more happiness that stays. So what is the basic cause of all this “up and down” in our lives?

The following you may have read in September Blog and I repeat it again just in case you missed it.....very important.

Many times in the 20 and 21st centuries, the medical profession and educational facilities concentrate on physical and mental growth for children. It is up to the parents (and still is) for the spiritual growth and depending on what path was and is chosen, many are lost with false teachings of guilt, fear, punishment. shame and immaturity in spirituality prevails.

The innate spirituality within each of us is very important to be nourished and nourished RIGHT. We are all composed of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Higher Consciousness within us is the Divine Aspect of Intelligence.

Learning to express feelings and respect ourselves

is the fundamental concept of spiritual development.

Free Will is part of Spirituality


and most religions suppress Free Will.

Free Will and ALL its components are a course of study in itself which is impossible to give in this small presentation. It was included in one of two majors in my undergraduate degree, Theology being the one, taught by the Jesuits which really opened a lot of REAL-REALITY to me. And of course, they got in a lot of trouble for some of their teachings (although very truthful and scientifically correct) from the Vatican.

Now to answer the question, Body, Mind, Spirit must be in BALANCE, this is a basic cause of ups and downs today in life situations. Body, Mind, Spirit must be in BALANCE. Just like in a game of “domino show”. “By analogy, the phenomenon of small events causing similar events leading to eventual catastrophe is called the, domino effect”

Sound familiar “The Law of Cause and Effect”.....


Miracle Chakras for ads
Miracle Chakras for ads

November 2018 “WELL BEING”


Chakras and Prosperity

Right from the beginning, let's all agree on a fact of science, EVERYTHING is composed of energy. In the subtle forms, it is the spirit. In the dense form, it is animals, plants, minerals. In humans, the energy surrounding the body is called the “AURA”. This has seven layers of subtle energy the closest to the body is called the “ETHERIC BODY”. In the etheric body, the “CHAKRAS” exist. Chakras are connected to the physical body as well as EMOTIONS and ATTITUDES of certain organs of the body. If they are blocked and dysfunctional, those human beings will find themselves unhappy, living in doubt, confused, worrying too much about their lives in general, and serious illness. Each chakra is distinct in the human energy containing its own vibration, color, sound, aroma, and emotional issues. No one is PERFECT and COMPLETE...Oh yes, that is true......BUT a big one, you really can live a comfortable, happy, successful, healthy life and the more willing you are to work with your chakra energy, the more empowerment you bring into your life.

The chakras work with body. mind and spirit. Many times in our 20 and 21st centuries, the medical profession and educational facilities concentrated on physical and mental growth. It was up to the parents for the spiritual growth and depending on what path was chosen, there was and are many lost with false teachings of guilt, fear, punishment. shame and thus immaturity in spirituality prevails.

It is the three higher chakras associated with spirituality and issues of love, joy, brotherhood, and self-expression never allowed to mature. Learning to express feelings and respect ourselves is the fundamental concept of spiritual development. As you can see the fundamentals of spirituality are NOT in most religions and their practice whatever it may be. FREE WILL is the MOST IMPORTANT UNIVERSAL LAW and most religions supress Free Will. Free Will and ALL its components are a course of study in itself.

To balance your Chakra System, my product, “Miracle of Life” has assisted over 600 clients to begin their lives all over with health, wealth, happiness. It is work and must be done on a daily basis taking 15 to 30 minutes a day.

For this free blog, there is a fast cure, again, done daily, will give you more prosperity in your life.....Please be warned: This is NOT a cure-ALL. For that, you must use the “Miracle of Life”.

CLOSE your eyes...RELAX for about 3 to 5 minutes breathing deeply to the count of 3.

OPEN your eyes and say: “By Truth of the Divine Power within me and by that Presence, my external and internal physical bodies with mind and spirit are encircled with the Highest Spiritual Light. That Power gives to me, what I need to be healthy, wealthy and happy prospering my actions today in peace and harmony with the Universal Life Force. AND SO IT IS.”

Blessings and Love, Peace, and LightDr. Marie



SORRY for the lapse in the FREE BLOG, June and July, my energy was devoted to my grandson's convention in its 6th year. August continues the blog dissertations of assistance wherever needed from my years of study and experiences with my many clients through the years. August will begin with the “PANEL” information given during the convention:

Oh you have power. It is NOT the power you have to find, it's how to USE it. What I give to you is “empowerment” of the power within you. You have heard much of this before, maybe studied it, used it, had some success, but not the victory you expected. Well, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the club! It took many years of study, experiences, testing on myself and clients to arrive at what I am giving you today. Practice it, (no free lunch so to speak), and I promise you will have much more success in happiness, prosperity, peace, relationship bliss, and spiritual enlightenment.

Some NECESSARY FACTS (not all facts listed) before we go any place near success and victory.

There are three levels of Consciousness:
Conscience Mind, what you use in your awake state and what generates “thoughts”, “visualizations”, “reasons”, “judges” that is needed with your power.
Subconscious Mind, that “absorbs the words you say”, “actions you take”, and all “words and emotions” that are said to you. Does not reason or judge.
Higher Consciousness is the Divine (God) Within You. It is your Subconscious and Higher Consciousness that CREATES your life.

This is not a Theology Panel, but let's define Spirituality because that is an absolute necessity in any manifestation. It is NOT a religion of any kind. Each religion worships God by different names. It is and for the sake of being brief, I call All forms of God...Divinity.

All Divinity is GOOD. All Divinity has POWER. And by the way, not one stronger than the other and this is FACT - you may not have been taught.

Divinity is a formless consciousness field of potentiality that exists everywhere, in every creation, infinitely intelligent, does not judge, loves all creation EQUALLY, even the negativity within us.

Most of us at one time or another thought a spiritual person can do no wrong. Absolutely incorrect. Jesus, Buddha, just two highly known as spiritual beings were NOT perfect until they found their true purpose. There are a lot of negatives about spirituality, false teachings, ignorance, and superstitions. True spirituality gives us flexibility to explore all the possibilities in life because it RESPECTS FREE WILL. Free Will is one of the MOST important Laws of the Universe. With the Laws of the Universe, there is NO RIGHT and WRONG. It is POSITIVE and NEGATIVE.

And yes, there are other Laws that take care of those people that love to curse, and wish bad on others, harm all creation, destroy life.

ALL levels of Consciousness are an INTELLIGENT ENERGY FIELD of INFINITE POSSIBLITY AND CREATIVITY. Our knowledge of the Universe is essential to our well-being. Intense judgment, disrespect present in our society of race, gender, beliefs are affecting the Planet. Our Earth is NOT a DEAD thing. It is a living being with a level of consciousness FAR BEYOND ours. Very, Very Important, ALL ENERGY FORCES have one thing in common:

In TRUE religious teaching, these are scientific facts coming out of studies from science of consciousness, multidimensional physics, energy mechanics, metaphysical science, and guess what also in psychic experiences. So MANY religious leaders are very lacking in their education in the 21st century.

This is all very, very, very basic knowledge of what is needed for successful manifestation on a daily basis.


Western Society for the most part in their spiritual upbringing was taught and believes we are a physical body incarnated on Earth to experience “pain and suffering” from a past life where it all began … you know the story if you are christian, “Adam and Eve”.

OH BOY...NOT SO! First, we are spiritual beings incarnated into a physical form, our bodies, and yes, we choose Earth to experience the infinite possibilities of life.

If we were just physical bodies we could not have imagination, dreams, diversity, we would think and act as a robot. MIND/SPIRIT housed in the organ of the brain where thought occurs. Thought is the fundamental energy of creation. For energy to manifest into matter something has to draw energy into focus and that is THOUGHT. But always that but, thought alone does not effectively bring forth true manifestation. Thought needs the energy force of emotion.


Subconscious Level takes everything in with more attention on FEELINGS and WORDS SAID. Subconscious Level does not have reason or judgment, so in other words, does not know good from bad....positive from negative.

Higher Consciousness (Infinite Power) with your focus and feelings …. will NOT change what Subconscious presents to it due to FREE WILL. This level does know good from bad and positive from negative BUT does not change image, words, feelings because of FREE WILL. This is your creation power within you. When trying to manifest with intention and the right emotion (feelings), adding certain words assists in the manifestation and they should ALWAYS be: “It is my intention with free will and determination (intent), AND SO IT IS”.

End of Panel: This section of the Panel cannot be done by reading it.
In this Panel, I did have the attendees create a Sacred Place and after relaxation techniques I use with everyone, I spoke certain words that will empower their power into their consciousness and gave them a trigger allowing them to go into their Sacred Place at any time. As I tell everyone I have ever taught, WORDS are important, and YOU HAVE THE POWER.


May 2018



OH, YES, IT CAN BE DONE! Spirit is ENERGY (and by now you know this if you have read any of my blogs) and it is energy that can manifest anything you desire with the right words and a positive pattern from which to work to get Health, Wealth, Happiness. Now READ THIS TWICE: It does not matter to Spirit what you demand or desire to be manifested. What matters is what is in your Sub Conscience Level of Mind which does accept EVERYTHING that is fed to it by you, conversations with other people, teachings, you had on any and all levels, both physical and spiritual. You MUST be clear and in balance of Body, Mind, Spirit to attain and keep desires in Health, Wealth, Happiness.

Yes, out of balance and not cleared, there will be periods of good and possibly great in your desires that manifest, but not lasting. It will be a series of success and failure, up and down. And there is no such lasting circumstance that promotes Health, Wealth, Happiness without a daily clearing and balancing of Body, Mind, and Spirit. Actually, look around you, read, see what is happening to once very successful people and their successes. Do you think “failure” is a accident or mishap? Absolutely not! In times of disasters, why are some people not affected? You call this “luck”..... again not so! I have spoken to many clients and found that metaphysical science and especially “mind and energy” and many clearing and balancing techniques are the answer. Some clients were aware. Others with success, did not realize that their habitual morning and night rituals were the clearing and balancing needed for their consistent success. And a daily clearing and balancing assists with more positive thoughts, words, strong belief structure, dynamic feelings which brings the manifestation that you desire.

Clearing and balancing may have some visualization, and the main ingredients are the words spoken. Remember, to your sub conscience level (a creative aspect) are WORDS. Your other creative aspect higher consciousness accepts thoughts, words, actions, and especially LOVE and GRATITUDE. Once you have a firm decision of what you really desire (want), imbue that desire with love and gratitude. Make an intention, positive words, precise, right to the point, then in words declare it is done. And the best words for that is “AND SO IT IS”.

So there you have it....try this for 30 days and see what happens, then go and get the “Miracle Clearing and Balancing” whole procedure to rock your world. (Digital Page) EVERYDAY FIRST THING IN THE MORNING:

Take a deep breath 4 times: breathe in, think as you take a deep breath “SOOOO – hold 4 seconds – open your mouth and blow out think HUMMMM” Think of how you feel with LOVE and GRATITUDE within your body, mind, spirit as what you really want is already here.

NOW SAY ALOUD: 4 times

“By my command to ALL levels of mind, my Crown Chakra clears my chakras of all negativity for today. And So It Is. Today I am healthy, wealthy, and happy. And So It Is."

Remember every day for 30 days....

JUNE 2018


APRIL 2018



The most important step is to attune your body, your mind, and your spirit. First and foremost, own the results in your life: of thoughts you had; words you said; and actions you have done. It is because thoughts, words, and actions constitute (take form) in the energy cycles of the Universe.

Every thought that you have impacts you. Listen to your thoughts and recognize that what you think about, expands, for good, for bad. With a feeling added to this, you have manifestation. You can activate thoughts producing stress or activate thoughts that make stress impossible.

Words said are even more powerful and immediately there is a part of, or a complete manifestation.

Actions manifested produce effects for good or for bad and ripple through all of your life.

Deny any of this, you will continue to struggle in your life in many areas.

There is absolutely NO ONE of any intelligence that does not have a negative thought(s), words said they wish they could take back, and yes, did something they regretted.This is life!

But and a big one: It does not mean life remains stagnant, change impossible, failure a reality, absence of healing, relationships transient, financial insecurity, closed doors, unswerving chaos.

You are reading this because your spirit has guided you to find the “key” to “flaming your spirit UP”, which attunes Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Attune Body, Mind, and Spirit:creative power returns, doors open, opportunity knocks, everything has life, steady relationships, good health, financial security, you enter a new cycle of success in your life.


Most people today are spiritually starved. I am not referring to the spirituality of attendance at church, temple, mosque, religious meetings and circles. There are many of those people who attend services frequently and remain “spiritually starved”. Spiritual well-being affects our bodies, minds and of course our spirit.

First begin being with people that are empowering for you. People that are positive. People that see you as good. People that compliment your abilities. People that celebrate life. People that are kind, confident, receptive, and have a creative force about them. People that have an inner spirituality of love and respect for ALL individuals. 
AND YES, they exist, find them!

Then begin and this can be done while you are in the process of finding people that will empower you. It's a fact, you will find them sooner. Clear and Balance your CHAKRA ENERGY and there you have it. A spiritual clearing and balancing 10 to 15 minutes a day will fan that spark into the FLAME it should be and with that a complete energy transformation to HEALTH-WEALTH-HAPPINESS.

Through my years of education, testing on clients and myself, I have created a 10 to 15 minute clearing and balancing, it works. It's easy and takes little effort, and gives you that energy transformation needed to get what you desire in life. Go to my Digital Products page. “Miracle of Life: Chakra Balancing and Clearing”
Bring back the Flame of YOUR Spirit.

Do not leave as a spark!



Accept the presence of "paradox" in your life and that will get you to your "truth". In other words, be open to and very grateful for all material wealth, but do not be a slave to it. Working 24/7 for thousands of dollars, but missing the celebration of life, laughing, dancing, playing, singing, will eventually result in regret and illness.

Attune your Body, Mind, and Spirit to SUCCESS that celebrates "ALL OF LIFE".

Universal Life Force Energy is Divine in nature and the core element of all humanity is Divine and that is what we call the Spirit within you. The goal of all Attunement is to increase the energy of Mind, Body and Spirit by removing blockages to this energy flow so that a person's positive reality emerges for HEALTH, WEALTH, HAPPINESS.



Spirit is connected to the Auric Field and Etheric Body which surrounds the Physical Body. Much scientific studies are published and verify the presence of this non physical energy field...too much to put into this teaching blog. This blog is meant to give you my years of study in a "nut shell", so to speak.

Most healing that is needed in our lives involves the spirit and all things that touch spirit, our thoughts, our words, our emotions, and relationships.

When the spirit needs healing, it prevents us from living as we were meant to live. The body and mind get destroyed with addictions whether to drugs, alcohol, money, sex, or power, There are no relationships unless they are built on domination, slavery, fear, control, etc. There is a lot of illness. There is no balance. There is no attunement. There is FALSE happiness that comes and goes.

This energy must be unblocked, open and in balance to establish the flow of Universal Life Energy which is essential for Attunement of BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT which is essential for HEALTH, WEALTH, HAPPINESS. Yes, with blockages not cleared, a person can exist with some times in life being good, but most of the time life becomes a struggle and sometimes worse.

A lot of information and so very important to LIFE. And I do mean ALL OF LIFE as we know it. You want to make GOOD things happen in your life on a consistent basis...and your answer to this should be YES!

The market place is full of clearing methods taking 1-2-3 hours a day. Good, IF, you have that kind of time. With years of testing on myself and clients, I found the SUCCESS and 10 to 15 minutes a day and yes, every day, CLEAR, UNBLOCK, BALANCE the non-physical energy.....SEE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN

So now, I leave it up to you. Begin enjoying life on a consistent basis, knowing that what you actually want in life is not an option any more........IT IS!


Coming in April 2018


Only then you can speak and it is yours!



There is a mysterious force that lurks around every corner and for a long time I did not believe in it. Then enlightenment came when I studied for three years Metaphysical Science and still in the study of it by my own research and testing. The force is "LUCK". Oh yes, my unbelievers, I kid you not, it exists!  
Do you want my "BUT" in the beginning or end?

Luck exists in all of life. It can be "good and bad". We find superstitions of this force from great grandmothers' tales, professional athletes, great men of history with their lucky charms, and today winners of massive amounts of money when odds are millions to one, people beating death when medical science proved otherwise. These are a few of the good luck stories that are many more in number.

Yes, then there is the bad luck which is sometimes called "an act of god". The reader most likely can give a litany of those in the world and even in their own life, so I leave it at that.

My belief in luck has changed over my years of "growing up" and many years of "education". I believe we create our own luck, good and bad, by our thoughts, words and how we live our life. First of all, before I go any further, there is an emotion in YOU that MUST exist if you desire to be lucky and change your life for the better.

That emotion is BELIEVE!

And it is not just belief you need...it is the


I have heard so many people say "If I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all". Well, you just did attract more bad luck into your life. Words are more powerful than your thoughts. Do not discard your thoughts just yet because if you desire to change your life and attract some good luck, the ability to rewire some thoughts about luck is necessary. And guess what? We do that with words.

Whatever your current beliefs about "luck" are finish this read, and try some of my practices and watch that "good luck" start to flow. "Believe" me, it will!

Attitude is important here. Some people are born into a family where optiimistic approach to life worked most of the time. Others were born into a family where pessimism reigned and where you had to work hard to get any where and there was no such thing as "good luck". No one is 100% in either category 100% of times. Now, you know what I am going to say next. Daily and it must be daily, take control of your attitude and your thoughts, your words. Stay away from negative people, especially if your tendency is to be negative.

Upon rising in the morning, say this, put it on your bathroom mirror:

"I'm alive and well, and today attract only good things to me"

Depending on your attitude and what condition it has been in, this will take a week or two to begin kicking in. If you really want change in your life, it begins almost immediately. Begin by doing something special for yourself everyday, make new positive friends, laugh more, expect good things to happen and be grateful no matter how small, big will soon follow. (shhh-my secret: the more grateful you are in all good situations, the MORE you get.)

Get a ring, or bracelet, or necklace something that attracts you or has some good meaning for you, remove all negativity from it, and bless it for "GOOD LUCK". Remember it is YOUR POWER going into the object.

Here is the RELEASE and BLESSING.

Hold it in both your hands, and say: " With the Power of the Universal Life Force, and my positive energy, I remove all negativity from this (name the object, ring, bracelet, necklace or even a semi precious stone) AND SO IT IS." Breathe on the object.

Now visualize a Sacred White Light surrounding the object in your hands and say:
"By the Power of ALL DIVINITY, by the Power of Air, by the Power of Fire, by the Power of Water, by the Power of Earth, with my positive energy of my Body, Mind and Spirit, in attunement, (breathe on the object) and the Power of the Universal Life Force, I bless this (name it-ring, bracelet, necklace) with the POWER of GOOD GREAT LUCK and with my touch at any time, the Power of Good Great Luck is ACTIVATED. This is so.

Now you have just made a trigger in your BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT attuning with your energy power field to All Divinity, and Universal Life Force for GOOD GREAT LUCK and from this point on all you have to do is touch it with your dominate hand (one you write with) and say aloud or in your mind..... "ACTIVATE-THANK YOU"

Now go get some GOOD LUCK! Remember this is your power within the object so let NO ONE touch it but YOU and be grateful, small and big, the more gratitude and positive thoughts and words, the better your life will BE.

If it is touched by any other person, you MUST release and bless again.

MARCH 2018



This is the month of “resolutions” and right now, what are yours? I have a suggestion:
Find and get the key to experiencing the Bounty Of the Universe.
Follow me and you will get that key.

Just as in the computer world, technical connections are made by the millions every hour of every day, so too, YOU can connect with MANIFESTING your desires and dreams. I am not giving it all to you in this first blog of 2018. It would frustrate some people and like most January resolutions, fade out of existence. Plus, it would not be a worth while endeavor on my part trying to put the knowledge it needs to make it begin working for you.
“YOU MUST KNOW THE BASIC ELEMENTS OF OUR BEING” to understand “CONSCIOUSLY CREATING” or in other words manifesting what you really desire in life.

The first basic element you must know is SPIRIT. Yes, this is the beginning and it is the end that lives on eternally. Spirit is the life force that lives in every cell in the body and mind. This IS the CREATIVE LIFE FORCE within us. It is the POWER WITHIN.

SPIRIT IS THE KEY”. Just as a key is used to open most locks, Spirit is the key to open the power of the Universe. Your Mind and Body MUST attune to Spirit and this Power knowing that ABSOLUTLY NO THING is impossible. When this belief in yourself is missing, your mind and body have what is called “limitation beliefs”. Having those beliefs (and they are many including and not limited to lack, worry, not enough, unworthiness, unqualified, etc.) and that is what you get in your life. You don't have to accept "spiritual stagnation" and if you are having more "DOWNS" in life than ups, your spirit needs attunement just like a car needs attunement to keep going strong without a lot of break downs. It's time for you to get out of the rut and move forward.

Abundance is the natural state of the Universe. The Universe has NO limits.The Spirit of ALL creation is attuned to the Universe. BUT…always that BUT…. When limiting beliefs overshadow in the Mind that works with Spirit, you will manifest that belief in your life. Remember Your Thoughts, Your Belief, Your Words, Your Feelings, are Your Manifestation Circle. Where there's love trapped in hate, light smothered in darkness, beliefs molded in superstition and untruth, your manifestation is creating an undesirable life. A releasing of trapped negative energy is absolutely necessary. A containing and redirecting positive energy can happen and give your life power to get health, wealth and happiness.


Begin your Attunement with Spirit…your Power Within.

…At night before sleep, relax, speak to Spirit.

…Ask for guidance, ask for peace, ask for love, ask for health in body, mind and spirit.

Morning upon rising:

,,,Say: “Spirit, be present to me today, I am open to learn.”

During your day:

…Be careful of all words you use, be positive.

…Listen with your mind and heart.

Did you make your wish on the FULL MOON? This is a very special month beginning this year. We have NOT had a January this great in many years. AND it makes it extra special because there are two Full Moons, January 1 at 9:24 pm and January 31 at 8:27 am with an Eclipse. Most planets are direct...WOW! Begin your "WISH LIST".

What exactly has LUCK to do with Mind, Body, and the KEY of Spirit......
Find out in February

May you have BLESSINGS wrapped with Happiness.
Dr. Marie

DECEMBER 2017 BLOG - Say good-bye to 2017 this month....


Paracelsus of the 16th century, was a German-Swiss physician and alchemist who established the role of chemistry in medicine and so far ahead of his time with all his thinking and life experiences. Here is my reason to begin December's Blog with him.

Paracelsus said: "Men devoid of the power of spiritual perception are unable to recognize anything that cannot be seen externally."

Now, let's get something straight from the beginning of this December Blog. "SPIRITUALITY" that I will be talking about is NOT the church, temple, mosque, prayers, rituals, you may be involved with. It is the POWER WITHIN you that is INFINITE. And oh, yes, every human has it.

The Universe does not impose limitations on us. The restraints that exist in our lives, we put there. Anything we truly desire through the Infinite Power Within and the faith (belief) we have and the energy we give to it IS capable of MANIFESTATION. The seemingly impossible IS possible. So as YOU BELIEVE and give ENERGY to that BELIEF, so it MANIFESTS for YOU.

Where do we go wrong for ourselves? Most people are not conscious of all their beliefs, because some are unconscious programming from previous experiences and other sources. The red flags to tell you that you are creating what you DO NOT ACTUALLY WANT are: difficulties in relationships, financial problems, a lot of illness in the body, and any other unhappy aspect of your life. Know this: LIFE ATTUNED TO SPIRIT WITHIN IS HAPPY. There are times when body and mind consciousness guides without spirit causing conflicts and undesirable results. To have that desire for the GOOD in your life, BODY, MIND, SPIRIT MUST BE ONE.

It is impossible to live a balanced life when the body, mind and spirit are not in balance. Results of imbalance materialize (manifest) many difficulties. It is easy to become a mental giant; but a dwindled down person in the spiritual and physical state; and/or a fantastic athlete in body; but a dwindled down person in the spiritual and mental state. And oh yes, it is easy these days to get indoctrinated in a spiritual path; and absolutely forget the mental and body state. This we know can lead to many difficulties in life including "criminal activities" and a whole lot of negatives and severe imbalanced beliefs. Balancing in body, mind and spirit does not mean they must have equal time....it means they MUST BE GIVEN EQUAL ATTENTION.


Keep your physical body healthy, diet, exercise to your ability, vitamins.

For mental balance, if your work is not mentally challenging, read a book, take a class in something that interests you, do intellectual research on world subjects, do not be a crowd pleaser, gossip sessions. Know that your mental balance includes conscious and sub-conscious mind.

For the spirit, maintain a clearing process on a daily basis to rid yourself of negative energy, get some positive affirmations you sporadically think/say during your day. Know that your spirit works with the whole mind, conscious and creates with the sub-conscious mind.

It is of utmost importance whatever you choose in balancing body, mind and spirit be fun and not drudgery. More assistance will follow in the New Year 2018.

Balance and taking care of BODY, MIND and SPIRIT creates stability and strength. Body, Mind and Spirit encompass your whole BEING. They are ONE. Your ENERGY will get stronger, your POWER OF BELIEF will abound, and you will be able to see more clearly and MANIFEST more wisely. You will know and be One with the Universal Force.Take the step and really experience the life you really, really want....balance and respect your BODY, MIND, SPIRIT.

Do not allow other peoples' problems to become yours. Send them love.
Balancing will also protect you from other peoples' problems.
LISTEN, SEND LOVE and WALK AWAY! Blessings for YOU will follow.


Dr. Marie



Most people even those very conservative, accept that we are made up of Mind, Body, Spirit. There may be a a fundamental argument about the nature of each, but instinctively, all know that it exists. Scientists too, now acknowledge, the human being is not just a collection of cells and molecules. The complete understanding of the non-physical energy may not be fully understood. We do know that it exists and has been proven "it is powerful"

In life, with every skill, some will excel, some will enjoy many times positive results, some will have off and on experieces, and some will have mediocrity. It all depends on the effort you put into developing the POWER. The development does not require SPECIAL ABILITIES but...but...it does require work. Everything you need is already in your Mind.

First of all, you cannot achieve high levels of mind performance unless your body is healthy and cooperative. You do not have to be in A-1 physical condition in order to develop more of your powers. it is important that your general health, and functioning of your body be at the best level that you are capable of attaining. If you are not an athlete, do not try to be one. This means be aware of diet, perform physical exercise (actual routines or normal walking, cleaning), put fun in daily activities (laugh, dance, clap), relaxation at the end of a day with 5-10 minutes of deep breathing and proper amount of sleep. In ALL your activities of the body and mind, should NOT be done as a "duty and/or drudgery". KEEP POSITIVE. All this should be done in moderation and common sense. Unless you are a construction worker, coming home and being a "couch potato" from a 9 to 5 job of "sitting" is NOT HEALTHY for your body....and your mind. Even those in technical, analytical fields that develop their minds, in most cases do not care enough for the body.

Both BODY and MIND have to be in good condition in order to concentrate energies in developing the POWER WITHIN. So in November, concentrate on the info in this blog and BEGIN.

IF you give this a try, you definitely will FEEL like a different person. And that is the beginning of introducing you to YOUR POWER WITHIN.

Decembers Blog will introduce SPIRIT into the mix with BODY and MIND and then you should be ready for a fabulous, MANIFESTING 2018.

Keep safe and give "happiness and power" a chance!

Blessings-Dr. Marie



Since this month is full with "holy days and begins for the majority of people, the holiday season in the USA", my blog for this month is about: "TRUE MAGIC or if you wish TRUE MAGICK".

Real life today in the 21st century is a complicated web of challenges and responsibilities in work, life, and home. It feels like a race, a roller coaster ride, a merry-go-round, and in most cases, IT IS!

Your REAL HAPPINESS is (if you are one, and most of you are) non-existent or last on your "to do" list. Now first of all, you do not find happiness by chasing impossible dreams of perfection, or anything (including people, events, circumstances) outside yourself. REAL HAPPINESS is found INSIDE YOU! "Excuse me" ...there go those objections again. If you have feelings of any kind, do NOT try and tell me, you cannot feel happiness. Now for my punch line of truth ..... I will help you to recognize happiness and assist you to believe in it. Once that is done, you have the MAGICK OF LIFE and on your way to the fulfillment of your dreams.

“Life’s battles don’t always go,

To the stronger or faster to those that ran,

Sooner or later the person that wins

IS the person who THINKS they can.

If you THINK you’ll lose, you’ve lost.

For in this world, we all find,

SUCCESS begins with the person’s WILL,



Happy Holidays- Dr. Marie


My great grandmother’s lesson to me, as I experienced, and was a part of her life was “to have a happy, full life, you must EXPERIENCE more life.” Her whole life was a success, she absolutely never believed in failure, lessons to learn…yes. She would say to me in our many discussions as I grew in age: “Take a lesson out of the negative, then get rid of it. Keep the positive and build your life on those.” VERY WISE LADY! And she NEVER looked her age.

More living means among other things, more accomplishment, attainment of goals, developing an enthusiasm for the future, maintaining a schedule of activities that you enjoy, laughing, playing, creating a life of fun.

“Aging comes not from years, from events and our emotional reaction to them.”

Ignore past failures (if it really was or you thought to be, its over, do not make it a goal in your life dwelling upon it, take the lesson learned and get rid of it, MOVE FORWARD).

Move forward and use your talents, abilities and POWER WITHIN, and success is there for you. Remove from your life, negative and critical people, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, false beliefs of begging and sacrificing in order to receive, remove the failing self-image. RELEASE NEGATIVES…THINK SUCCESS and it is yours

Remember this always: Nothing can manifest for you until it is in your MIND. Manifestation also requires “vibration” which comes through “feelings and physical activities”.

Negativity puts vibration in the unseen world as well as positivity. There is always TIME to begin again. It is YOU that begins again or opts to keep failing. AND READ THIS AGAIN AND AGAIN: It is YOU and ONLY YOU that can do this for YOU!

September 4, 2017  HAPPY LABOR DAY HOLIDAY:


A short story to explain this blog:

My great grandmother lived to 107 years young and maybe even a little more as I realized her age after finding her baptismal certificate in my grandmother’s scrap book. In her religious path, children were not baptized as infants.  The age at baptism was 7.  WOW!!!  How did she do that?  Well, after much study of her life, I have deducted her life is a great example of how LONGEVITY, GOOD HEALTH, PROSPERITY, AND HAPPINESS are obtainable. She only rested in the evening before going to bed and that was to say her prayers.  The prayers she taught me NEVER BEGGED, NEVER required SACRIFICE. Her day was FULL of activities. She was a farmer’s wife and a farmer herself.

Her daily chores consisted of hauling water from their well, cleaning their 10 room farmhouse, caring for an acre of land with vegetables, herbs, flowers, and at harvest time canning those vegetables for winter, helping feed their cows, two bulls, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and of course her own family, husband and 13 living children. I couldn’t tell you how many miles she walked in a day, but believe me it was a lot. I spent 2 weeks every year on the farm, with her, from age 4 to 13.  At the dinner table, we laughed about our day of activities with the animals.  The best laughter came from the day I was chased by the young bull and climbed a tree.  By the way, I was a “city girl”.

Her first ride in a four wheel vehicle was a truck at  99 years old (or so we calculated).  If she couldn’t walk it, she rode in her horse and buggy until it was outlawed in the streets of their small town.  A town, both her and my great grandfather saved from starvation during the great depression.  An article appeared in the city newspaper: “Pig Farmer Saves Town”.  Every pig he slaughtered was shared without asking anything in return.

I did not get to know my great grandfather as well as my great grandmother, he passed when I was young.  I am very proud and extremely happy about knowing this lady and all she taught me.  She definitely was special and shared a special connection with the UNIVERSAL FORCE.

There is a definite relationship between physical movement and personal spirituality towards having in your life Good Health, Joy, Longevity, Prosperity and Happiness.

  • …If you are doing a job you hate, get out of it.
  • …If you are not laughing in your life…why?
  • …If money is not flowing to you, what is your outlook on your life? Doubts, Lack, Limitation, etc. 
  • …Do you have a spirituality that is grateful or are you constantly unsatisfied? (This is not the church service, temple, mosque)

The spirituality is within YOU. Do you have the “connection to your Body, Mind, and Spirit”?   …MORE TO COME!

March 5, 2017



Just as the seasons have certain established modes in different parts of the planet Earth; also stages of development in a human being; so all energy has its own rhythm. When following the 12 Immutable Laws of Creation, one MUST learn to focus on and with the higher vibrational energies. It is essential to rise above the negative in life so as negative does not penetrate one's consciousness.

Negative rhythm reflects a very low vibration and low energy vibration brings undesirable effects in lives and their environment.



…... yin and yang. Both are required for life to exist just as all things require space, time, and nurturing. THIS IS CREATION. Oh, yes, it is for all the close minded that believe they are all one gender!!!!

In each creation, one may exhibit more masculine and/or more feminine. BUT and a BIG ONE...ALL CREATION exists with both masculine and feminine energies. Both are required for life to exist.




Stay tuned in...more to come!

February 26, 2017



This Law begins with inspired ACTION from the MIND and not physical activity although physical activity is necessary. To manifest anything, there is focus such as thoughts with strong emotion, words spoken and written, actions taken.

The physical activity associated with this Law is a goal or goals set and those goal (s) should be in writing, the physical activity that focuses the Mind and directs the Universe to bring to you what you are focusing on.

The Law of Action states to manifest your wishes, desires, dreams in this world, the action taken supports your thoughts and words with focus on your written words. Any physical activity should be in line with your mental goal and positive in your focus of it.

Again positive brings positive results, negative brings negative results!



There are three planes of Correspondence:

...Mental Plane is the state of mind that evolves as we advance with age, education, experiences, environment we live in, becoming who we are.

...Spiritual Plane develops and grows and used in conjunction with the Mental Plane adding to it guidance and intuition.

...Physical Plane is where our thoughts and emotions exist.

The Intuitive Mind on the Spiritual Plane is the ONLY ASPECT OF MIND that can see and feel SPIRIT. The Law of Correspondence operates through the Intuitive Mind and cannot be deceived ...BUT, and a BIG BUT, that is developed through the Spiritual Plane and its development is up to each and every individual.


This development can enhance our vision on any subject and actually penetrate secrets past, present, and future. The attainment is VARIED according to each individual and their metaphysical understanding of....


To be continued....March 5, 2017 ...The Final two LAWS.



February 19, 2017


“The Universe is the entire space, time continuity and all matter and energy.”

This is my own definition making the different philosophies and associated philosophers much more simple for this blog. Again, know that this is a year of study and more combined with science and philosophy with dashes of theology. Making this Law more simple:


Are you ready to open your mind and heart to TRUTH? Let's begin:

Your God (creator so you were taught I am sure), Goddess (female divine entities through all time from creators to prime examples to life itself), Angels (divine “helpers” to humanity), Universe (encompassing all space, time, matter and energy), First Cause/Source (the entity that began all space, time, matter and energy)..........whatever the Divine you recognize or even don't recognize IS PART OF YOU.

YOU are an Aspect and Divine Expression of the Source and so are space, time, all matter and all energy and that includes ALL HUMANITY. And, together, this is creation.

Now what does all this mean?

Very, very, simply put, this Law teaches you that space, time, matter, energy, all humanity AFFECT each other and EFFECTS flow from every and all manifestations. Once we begin to understand the connectiveness that this Law teaches, we can identify the good (positive) and the bad (negative) around us and in the world and environment we live in.

Creation is NOT just humanity. Yes, humanity with its free will AFFECTS time, space, matter and energy for good or bad. So the EFFECTS will be good or bad.

This is very important. Those EFFECTS go forward in time, space, in matter and energy.... for better or worse...

AFFECT is the influence, the emotion, the spoken and written words, the act.

EFFECT is the outcome of that affect in time, space, matter and energy and humanity.


You know something is wrong and you do nothing. This Law does require being pro-active in your life and the environment you live in, the planet you inhabit. It requires some positive activity because no activity and knowing something is wrong places you in the negative affect which produces a very difficult life of negative effects for you.

Now what Law connects to this one? If you said “all”, you are correct.

The one that especially connects to Divine Oneness is The Law of Cause and Effect.


This Law states that absolutely everything in the Universe has movement and vibrates. Yes, there are different speeds and frequencies. And yes, everything is connected and has its own vibrational frequency.

Science, primarily Quantum Physics of the late 20th century and now the 21st century can show us that everything in the Universe is energy. And just because we may not see it with our eyes, it does exist.

It is no longer “seeing is believing”. This theory is antiquated and depends strictly on the five senses of humanity. The Law of Vibration goes far beyond the five senses.

Just as a cell phone became part of humanity the past 25 years so eventually in future generations learning to send positive thoughts and vibrations will become part of every day behavior in humanity. Understanding that the right vibration in thoughts, words, actions will manifest that dream we desire will become part of most of humanity. There are always some of humanity that will never understand because of lack of education, false generational beliefs, irrational thinking due to many negative effects in their lifetime. Future generations of humanity will begin to realize thoughts and the power of vibration penetrate through time and space. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY.

Send out positive energies, manifestation you attract will be positive.

Send out negative energies, manifestation you attract will be negative.

Your vibration, your thoughts, your spoken and written words, your actions are definitely ALL connected to The Law of Attraction.

TO BE CONTINUED........February 26, 2017



February 12, 2017


Again very, very simply stated: “GET BACK WHAT YOU GIVE”.

Now right away, I hear: “But I don't have money to give, I am just surviving.” This law like all the laws does NOT incorporate only $$$$$$$.....much more.

It does mean, time given freely (a very precious commodity or it should be in your life), words spoken and/or by actions (are they negative or positive), and thoughts sent out with feeling and emotion. All the above when given out, will come back in some form or other to you.

A smile when you don't feel like smiling....listening with heart and mind (which by the way may give you knowledge you could use some day for your benefit)....holding a door open for someone behind you when you are in a hurry....a written word of encouragement (this has at times far reaching compensation depending on the person receiving those words and their state of mind). And of course “money” given freely with love and from your heart.

SOOOO....remember you will get back what you give!


Anyone with a science background knows this one when speaking “scientifically”.


Metaphysics is one of the oldest branches of thought and energy dating back to the 16th century. It involves science, philosophy, spirituality, theology and so much more.

Polarity tells us we have the POWER to suppress and transform negative thoughts, words, actions by concentrating on the opposite energy vibration. Polarity is definitely the law of mental vibration.

SAD...think of something funny, watch a comedy on TV, go see a funny movie...LAUGH.

ANGER ...use this to proactively change what made you angry...do not leave it be....DO SOMETHING.

TO BE CONTINUED- February 19



February 5, 2017


This Law should have a 5 star for importance in our lives.

Again, this is only a very brief but to the point explanation of The Law of Cause and Effect.

It is the answer to all people that question things in their lives and have a tendency to “blame” others or events in their lives (read and digest carefully):

What you think and feel comes back to you.

What you say comes back to you.

What you do comes back to you.

Oh, yes, it does. It may not come back in the same way you put it out there, but an effect will surface in your life in some way. And yes, your thought with a certain emotion, your words, your action is the cause.

When it is positive and joyful, expect the effect to be a positive and joyful outcome. When it is negative in any way ( struggle, carelessness, depravity, depression, resentment, turmoil, anger, fear) get the picture, expect the effect to be an outcome along those words, actions, thoughts you are giving out.

Understand this - with this Law and all 12 Laws, YOU are the co-creator of your life experiences and be thankful for that. With “free will” and the flow of energy, anything can be changed.

Any negative you think with an emotion, any negative you say, any negative action you do: cancel it, delete it, remove it from the law of cause and effect as soon as you think, say or do it.

My summation for this Law know this that every thought with an emotion, every word said, every action taken is the CAUSE that carries with it consequences (the EFFECT), positive or negative, and that is up to you, no one else.


Next: The Laws of Compensation and Polarity

The 12 Metaphysical Laws of Creation January 22 to February 26

January 22 to 29, 2017

The Law of Attraction

This is probably the best known law and the one most metaphysical counselors talk about.

Very simply it is “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE”. What does it mean, really mean, well, if your energy is in the gloomy, downward spiral, that is what you are going to attract, more of that! Things you say, will come to you. Words are actually more powerful than most of your thoughts. What you write, will come to you. Spoken and written words have the power of manifestation. AND a big AND, when speaking them, when writing them, your feelings are wrapped around them...oh boy, look out!

If you are a church, temple, attendee, there is usually a lot of words spoken and a lot of loud, uplifting music and that is to get the energy of all attendees soaring up and in a positive atmosphere. It is the atmosphere for manifesting. Again, a rally, a protest march, loud shouting, signs, feelings whether positive or negative manifests what is being said.

You can expect much “manifesting” of negatives and positives with protest marches. This leads to a chaotic state. Protests should be done very positively and that will get the change they are seeking. Remember “LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE” - take a deep breath and carefully select the words and actions that you really do want to manifest. Make sure your energy is flowing in the same positive direction.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.

Very, very briefly that means ENERGY IS IN CONSTANT MOTION. And this is important for everyone that feels “stuck” in whatever situation. YOU and YOU alone have the POWER to change the flow. Think, Say, Feel, and begin Doing positive things. There is absolutely nothing you cannot change. Health, Happiness, Money Prosperity can begin to flow with a positive mind set. Giving up and settling gets you STUCK. There is always a way to change the flow of energy. Thank the Divine Entity that all our thoughts do not carry the energy of manifestation. A thought, any thought must have the feeling, the emotion, the words, some action with it and this is the energy needed for manifestation.

Enter the New Year knowing the possibility of change and that is the beginning.

The Law of Relativity

Again briefly, this Law tells us, ENERGY IS ALWAYS MANIFESTING. You bet it is!

And that is why you have ups and downs in your life. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE will face some challenges in their life time.

One of the best descriptions for this is the emotions of fear, anger and love. If you ever feared that something will happen, it did. If you ever were angry about something, it escalated into actually being something negative in your life. Now if you loved something special , a person, a place, an event, it brought you joy and increased your happiness.

Need I say more about MANIFESTATION ENERGY?


January 15, 2017

….LAW OF ATTRACTION (continued)

It is time to connect MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT! If you think you do not have time for this, the Universe will sooner or later give you time for what I call the

“3 L’s”


How to connect? …Meditation is a phenomenal way to clear your mind, reduce stress and finally achieve inner peace. Read or write poetry. Visualization of your goals accomplished. Yes, this would be the “as if” dream state.

…Exercise increases your physical and mental health. It elevates self-esteem, increases mental clarity. Walking, yoga, message, do something you enjoy.

…Eat well-balanced meals. Drink plenty of fluids (non-alcoholic).

…Connect with nature. Hike, a walk by the ocean, stroll through a park. See what is around you.

...Get your energy moving. Listen to music that is positive and uplifting. Dance (whether you think you can or not) Beat on a drum. Be happy and feel excitement throughout your mind, body and spirit.

…Say your favorite affirmation each morning on rising.

…Journaling connects you with all levels of mind. Journaling helps to release those negatives. On one page write negatives that are bothering you and at the end write this below: “I release all negatives aimed at me and within me and I release ALL cause and effects of this negativity. It Is So”. Then on another page, write positive thoughts and goals. And at the end of your positive thoughts and goals, write: “It Is So-And So It Is.”

Sit down every Sunday night and PLAN each day for the week ahead giving yourself EACH DAY a time FOR YOU. Make it happen!

Is this easy…in the beginning, absolutely not. Understanding and mastering the Law of Attraction is the key to success in all areas of your life. This schedule will take time, perseverance, and work. And it is just the beginning!!!! Without it, you cannot go further. Is it worth it? Oh, yes, yes, yes! Remember “Like attracts Like” and YOU CREATE IT.


Blessings-Dr. Marie

January 8, 2017


How many times have you heard this statement in the past ten years: “What you focus on expands.” Why? Everything and I mean “everything” that exists from the dirt in Mother Earth to the farthest star in the farthest galaxy is composed of pure energy. Ladies and gentlemen this is no longer a theory, it is fact.

Regardless of your beliefs or your awareness, the Law of Attraction is working whether deliberately by you or by default. You are sending out positive or negative energy into the Universe and whatever you are sending out will be returned to you.

So I can hear some of you already saying: “I didn’t want this in my life.” Oh, yes, you did! A thought, words said, and most important an emotion and feeling projected, emitted from you returned what you have and you allowed it.

…How many times have you focused on things you don’t want?

…How many times have you said: “It’s my luck, I’ll probably get this (opposite to what you really want).

…How many times have you blamed God, Divinity, Universe, Ascended Masters, Guardians, Angels for what is in your life?

…How many times have you said, “I can’t do that”… Or … “I don’t have time for that.”… “I am too busy just surviving.”

Are you surviving?

I find this almost always applies to “taking care of mind, body and spirit.” Setting time aside for YOU each day is very, very important to your mental well-being, your physical well-being, and your spiritual well-being. If you are NOT doing this, all areas of your life are affected with obstacles, stress, self-esteem issues, illness, doubts, lack of money, negative interpretation, dissatisfaction, and lack of peace, etc.

Watch out for the “3 L's” !!!!!


January 1, 2017


No matter what your age, become a person who always says “yes, to life” because this opens you to “opportunity”. Be grateful even if that opportunity does not get you everything you desire. This gratitude keeps the “Gates” open for more, and the next one may be the one you are seeking.

I love the Eastern Masters when they teach. There is a Chinese Proverb:

“When things are going good, the business grows, when things are going bad, you grow!”

So what these Masters are saying “there is never a circumstance wasted.” We are always in the learning curve. Being grateful keeps us in the opportunity curve.

Blessings-Dr. Marie