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Blessings - Dr. Marie

April 2020:

The Law of Correspondence & The Law of Inspired Action

Dr Marie - AS WITHIN
Dr Marie - AS WITHIN

LAW OF CORRESPONDENCE …. is the mirror of your life, Oh, Oh, Oh, Yes, it is. Simply put and most of you have heard this before:




If you are negative in thoughts, words, actions through most of your life, then expect trouble, turmoil, an unsettled reality in your life. Life works from the INSIDE OUT. In other words, you are creating your outside from what is inside of you. THE CHANGE MUST BEGIN WITHIN.

Dr Marie - Inspired Action
Dr Marie - Inspired Action

LAW OF INSPIRED ACTION …. Okay, now let's get really serious. This is where you manipulate energy and put into action your intention. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT LAW. To manifest, to change anything, ACTION by you is REQUIRED. This Law is connected to The Law of Attraction, The Law of Vibration, and The Law of Cause and Effect ….. A PERFECT STEW OF LIFE! …. If you do it right.


March 2020: Oneness and Energy


Many of you reading this may NOT believe in the 12 Universal Laws that are also part of Metaphysical Science. Whether you believe in them or not, they exist for ALL creation. So you had better get familiar with them....

LAW OF ONENESS very easy, it is EVERYTHING is connected to EVERYTHING ELSE. Yes, ALL THAT EXISTS, known/unknown; seen/unseen; Universal Life Force commonly known as God are All connected. Thoughts, words, beliefs, actions that affect you, affect the whole Universe. It is a “Universal Energy Connection”. So what are you sending out?

LAW OF VIBRATION is very important because that law very much is related to what is in your life right NOW. Oh yes, it is. EVERYTHING is energy and energy has various vibrational frequencies. This has been proven in many sciences today and especially in Quantum Physics. So what is in your life?

Need a change? Positive Thoughts, Belief, Right Words and Actions filled with the Right Emotion/Feeling are all part of the Energy of Vibration and Fulfillment of Desires. Begin manifesting what you really desire in your life.

APRIL 2020: The Law of Correspondence and The Law of Inspired Action

February, 2020: TWO IMPORTANT LAWS


"What goes around comes around” oh, YES, it does!

Each and every decision you have made, every action you have taken creates an effect from that cause. AND, there are NO accidents, you are dealing with a Universal Law. These laws do not discriminate and there is NO lawyer to defend and save you. You stand alone and face the results. This is the Law of Cause and Effect. Consequences good/bad; positive/negative, it ALL belongs to YOU. There are some metaphysical ways you may cease the flow IF it is a negative one. BUT and a big one, it takes a lot of work on your part.


Now, 80% of the times in ALL lives, The Law of Cause and Effect is directly connected to The Law of Attraction which will definitely magnetize the good/bad; positive/negative life and experiences in life. And that is why, the many, “new age gurus” find failure with The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is connected to the Energy of Emotion within the Physical Body, Mind and Spirit. The Energy of Emotion is linked to Manifestation which also encompasses a link to Divine and Universal Energy.

Heavy Stuff to THINK about and what is in your life NOW...YES.


MARCH 2020: Law of Divine Oneness and Law of Vibration

January 2020 Part 2 - Let's begin the New Year Right ….


The Metaphysical Laws overlap in some degree, but are more of the spiritual essence. The Universe has 12 important Laws that keep everything in order. They never go away whether we believe in them or not. AND … there is NO escape, there is no lawyer to fight for you, all laws apply equally throughout the Universe.

The Universe is made of energy. Regardless of what Law and its action and reaction cannot be set aside in operation of it whether the individual knows it or not: “ignorance of the law does not excuse anyone from its operation”.

Unlike human law, where exceptions are made...NOT SO with Universal Laws.

Most articles about the Laws begin with The Law of Attraction and The Law of Cause and Effect which vibrate through ALL the Universal Laws. I chose to begin with a very important one I found by the work I do on a daily basis, with my present clients.

It is THE LAW OF RECIPROCITY. Very, very simply stated that whatever is sent out into the Universe returns to your physical world as manifest outcomes.

SO …. “ whatever you do to another, will be done unto you”; “what you give out, you receive”; “if you cheat in any capacity, financially, sexually, it returns to you.”

The Law does not make judgements as to whether your purpose is to harm, assist, cheat, applaud. The Law acts in accordance to your purpose and delivers the results in your physical life WITHOUT fail and absolutely under no conditions.

The Law of Reciprocity ensures you will experience precisely without fail and unwavering certainty events, conditions, circumstances that you caused.There ABSOLUTELY is no benefit to being harmful and cheating. There are plenty of benefits to being assisting, applauding and positive. There is always a free will choice. There is NO devil in the Universe. NO ONE made you do it. So stay aligned with good in your life and remember the LAW OF RECIPROCITY when you are making a choice; and what you are allowing to come into your life from that choice.

Blessings – Marie


January 2020 - The Seven Wonders of Life Internet Seminar

“The Seven Wonders of Life” requires more than just reading. Your journey with me, Dr. Marie, begins your consciousness awakening gaining increasing freedom from all limitations of the physical world. With each session, you get stronger in becoming your own creator of miracles. This workshop covers a more modernized concept and more actual successful experiments of Dr Marie using “The Seven Wonders of Life”.

Each week on Sunday, begins your journey with the “Wonder” of the week; then Monday through Friday, activities taking 30 minutes or less; Saturday is a telephone conference with Dr Marie for a half hour; at the close of the workshop, you receive an activity that will take 5 minutes or less and used every day keeping you clear, balanced, and in the “MANIFESTATION CIRCLE” of life.To reserve your place on this limited time web workshop, visit my Digital Products page.

This workshop was $1,500 eight years ago, ten clients took part and followed through on all eight weeks and they are now living the life of their dreams both here in the US and in three other countries. And the big surprise right NOW is.....ALL THIS FOR $300 for the complete workshop! Won't you work with me to manifest your dreams and live the life you want most?

December 2019 - The Key

YES, this blog will give you “THE KEY” to Manifestation, Mystical Powers, and Great Potential. How's your emotion and feeling of LOVE? It comes and goes? Sometimes you don't feel it at all?!? Did you know Divine Substance, The Universal Life Force IS total LOVE? Of course that Love does not come and go. It transcends ALL

Divine Love is the very essence in which we live and move and have our being. (OR WE WOULD NOT BE HERE) Divine Love is the consciousness that holds each atom of creation in its configuration. Divine Love's Consciousness holds matter in manifestation through the Universal Mind which is Divine Substance.

“Divine Love is the “KEY” to Manifestation, Mystical Powers and Great Potential.”

In quiet and with confidence, begin saying: “I affirm, I decree, The Power of Divine Love as my Magnet of the Constant Increase of Health, Wealth, Happiness. And by my Free Will, This Is So.”

Now to get more of the “HOW” go get the E Book, “LIFE” on my Digital Products page.



Have a Wonderfilled




November 2019 - Catch a Falling Star...

“Catch a Falling Star and Put it in Your Pocket and NEVER let it FADE away....” The person that wrote that as lyrics to a once popular song (and yes, I am age dating myself) probably did not realize the significance of those words in Metaphysical Science. Of course, then, everyone involved with spiritual practices labeled themselves as “Metaphysician” and the majority had absolutely NO CLUE or education for the title.

Metaphysical Science is the study of “BEING” and most legitimate schools that teach it demand a prerequisite of Philosophy Study at least two years or it is given in the three to four year curriculum. I have four years of Philosophy in my undergraduate degree. I did not go for that title because of all the scam artists out there when I received my degree. I have my PhD in “Metaphysical Counseling” and my undergraduate was in Theology and Sociology with 2 years of Canon Law, and my 2 graduate degrees one in Psychology and one in Metaphysical Science. And as most of my clients know, I was a nun through my undergraduate and most of my graduate studies.

Why I chose this as the title to my brief article/blog is most of what I have been reading from many professionals does not make sense. There is NO way, an intention is ONCE, DONE, FORGET IT, unless it is answered that fast. This is why many people get discouraged and say “it doesn't work”.

There is a certain amount of FOCUS that must go into manifesting an intention. And YES, “put it in your pocket” or better yet, sleep with it under your pillow. The very first step, you must write it out, no computer, no text, and as though you already have it. “Catch it and put it in your pocket.” Read it once or twice a day giving it energy (feeling/emotion) which gives it vibration and power. “Do not let it fade away” ...or else it will, oh yes, it will. Try this and believe me, something will manifest for YOU! If you get this right, you'll get what you asked for!


December 2019: Key to Manifestation, Mystical Powers and Great Potential