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As you may have noticed, my blog section has changed a little. This new format, one blog post available per month and then removed for a new post around the 15th of every month, keeps this space fresh and the information I share with you fresh and easy to read and absorb should you feel the draw to take advantage of the knowledge I am sharing with you. Keeping posts on this page for a year is messy and bogs down the knowledge posted in these blog entries, and I don't like posting links upon links to "hidden" pages; again, this bogs down the ease of reading and absorbing what is posted. Always move forward, never stagnate.

Dr. Marie Meade PhD

January 5, 2023:

Happy New Year 2023



by Dr. Marie Meade, PhD

2023 is a “Transformational Year” and needed, because of the sweeping upheavals of the past years from the ending of 2019, full years of 2020, 2021 and 2022. It is a history that will not be forgotten of treachery and evil by those in political power, some brought destruction and sadness, some bad and chaotic actions; none of these years brought a major change for GOOD to the majority of humanity.

With ANY Transformation of this caliber, there are many and needful changes required. Transformation, IF GOOD, can give enlightenment and a better life. IF BAD, brings more destruction, chaos, lingering illness that kills mentally and physically.

The Universe cannot be any clearer and it has spoken to us since 2020 which had the most destruction with an illness killing millions of humanity in every country on this Planet Earth. We see it in all the astrological alignments that continued through to 2022. BUT, and remember this one, there is always a Cosmic Protection for those that recognize it AND accept it AND DO SOMETHING.

Read and think about this. I spent the month of August with my grandmother and great grandmother on their 300 acre farm from 3 to 13 years old. My great-grandmother that had NO formal education, my grandmother very little. At 8 years old, I was teaching both of them to read and write. I wondered how they knew how to do things without be able to read and write and this is what my great-grandmother said to me and I never forgot it: “BELIEVE THE UNBELIEVABLE, DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE, NEVER TAKE "NO" FOR AN ANSWER, DO IT, AND YOU WILL HAVE SUCCESS".

The Universal Forces give humanity a choice. Do not forget the Universal and Spiritual LAW OF ONENESS. This does not belong to any religion. The Universe has "almighty power beyond ours". Humanity has resources and a very special connection to Divinity with our FREE WILL. Again, this is NOT religious.

January 2023 begins the “awakening” process with THIS FIRST FULL MOON of the year. Alignments this month will SHINE a LIGHT for the awakening and give the power of protection IF we "wake up" and "take it". Did I say: "IF WE TAKE IT!".... most will not. There can be no IF about what you want, you must "wake up" and "take it" if you are to create what you want most.

...Sun and Uranus will assist with more focus and assistance, the approach has to be right;

...Mercury, Mars, Uranus Retrogrades will slow life down so we take ownership of our actions; remember retrogrades have power, and it MUST be used right or else;

...Sun and Jupiter will bring courage and strength to make the right decisions and either for good or bad, there is NO middle ground ever with the Sun and Jupiter.

This is where we all get in trouble. There is a HUMAN SELF and that is controlled by WILL. The gift created and as far as ALL science knows as of this 21st century, humanity is the ONLY creation with this special gift. Many use it right. However, most of humanity takes as many short cuts as they can with that gift. Little do those shortcuts assist.

This Blessing used correctly can give your Life all "Prosperity of Life" for as long as you live this life.


Love and Blessings - Dr. Marie