Dr. Marie Meade

Dr. Marie Meade
Dr. Marie Meade

An Introduction to Mind Treatments from Dr. Marie Meade:

Mind Treatments are the science of inducing within one's mind Concepts, Acceptance, and the Realization of Peace, Power, and Plenty of The Prosperity of Life. Here and Now. Mind Treatments remove obstacles on the pathway of Truth, that pathway is both Universal and personal; Truth is oh so important to reaching your goals in Life. I, as a metaphysician and Mind Treatment user, am convinced with my Whole Consciousness that the words of my Mind Treatments have POWER.

Mind Treatments specialize in connecting an individual to their highest SELF, leading to awakening greater well-being, intuition, more clarity in life and enhancing health, happiness and joy in life. It is NOT hypnosis.  Very simply, it awakens your power to heal yourself. Yes, it does take a qualified individual doing the Mind Treatment that has attained a degree in Metaphysical Science and/or Psychology, both would be more beneficial. Not ALL therapists do Mind Treatments. It does require a rule of ethics and ethnology. I AM an Ordained Minister, Counselor, Life Coach, Healing Practitioner of "MIND AND ENERGY" with a doctorate in "Metaphysical Counselor" and graduate degrees in both Psychology and Metaphysical Science.

I began giving Mind Treatments in 2006 without the actual prescence of the patient receiving them. They were comfortably present in their own home and I in my home office. Comments are many and all good on the success of the Mind Treatments administered to clients from the United States, Canada, even across the globe to clients in different countries in Africa.

- Dr. Marie Meade

Below are a few pieces of the feedback I have received from said clients over the years, all shared here with their permission:

"It cleared me from all my anxiety about my life." 
- Joseph, FL

"The 'I Am' worked for love for me."
- Agnes, MN

"All life is different and so much better for me now."
- Dorothy, NY

"It works."
- Bill, NJ

"Wonderful feelings."
- Marion, NC

"Oh boy, what a difference!"
- Jane, PA

"More than I expected, all good."
- Frances, FL

"Had it done twice and everytime life gets better."
- Doug, CA

- Marshall, PA

"A fantastic experience that gets better and better."
- Larry, NJ

"Yes, it keeps working."
- Lisa, NY

"I was afraid at first, it really works and I feel good."
- Loralee, NH

"Marie is great, my life is better."
-Dianne, NY

"Try it, you'll be surprised."
- Beth, NC

"It cleaned up my life with ease."
- George, PA

"I loved it. I can relax now."
- Nora, AZ

"I am moving forward"
- Lynn, MA

Mind Treatments

"Reprogram Your Subconscious" Mind Treatment

Do you wish to free your subconsious mind from old belief patterns that no longer fit your life? Can't let go of a moment or mistake from you past? Are you letting the voice of doubt each of us carry within the recesses of our psyches take away from your joy and happiness? Do you simply wish to be more present in your life in all moments? Dr. Marie's "Reprogram Your Subconscious" Mind Treatment is the tool you need to accomplish all of the above and live your best life.

Your life can be better, here is the tool to make it so, it's up to you to use this mind treatment and make your life what you want it to be.

This special mind treatment is structured so that you have an optimal chance of achieving your goals with hands on help from Dr. Marie throughout your journey to reprogram you subconscious mind to work for you in all that you do.

1st STEP:  A half hour telephone conversation to further explain what Dr Marie will be doing with your Energy of Mind and what exactly are you looking to CREATE within your life (your intention) so that you will have that creation faster than you expect with the activation of Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind being finally on the same wave length for the energy of creation. Your part will be explained fully by Dr. Marie, that will be a prayer before and after each treatment and a very simple relaxation technique during Dr. Marie's treatment procedure. ALL 5 DAYS WILL BE THE SAME FOR YOU. Dr Marie is DOING THE WORK NEEDED. At the end of the 5 days of treatment, there is included within the treatment price a half hour telephone session with Dr. Marie as a follow up in your experience. 

2nd STEP: The actual MIND TREATMENT. If at the first step you decide to accept, it must be paid before the Mind Treatment, this is a Metaphysical LAW; you must give to receive, an equal exchange of something for something you need. If this exchange does not take place, the energies of the universe are unlikely to help you beyond creating/healing the connection between your conscious and subconscious mind.

$40 for consulting phone call with Dr. Marie

$350 for "Reprogram Your Subconscious" Mind Treatment