Dr. Marie Meade

Dr. Marie Meade - Power
Dr. Marie Meade - Power


Astrology is NOT a science. Astronomy is a science.

I am not an Astrologist.

I had a very brief study of Astrology in my doctoral studies.

I am not an Astronomer.

I did take a semester coarse of study on Astronomy, by the way thinking at first, a quick 3 credit coarse, a piece of cake. At the time I was involved in my major study of Psychology, but needed an easy 3 additional credits in a science. Oh boy, was I wrong...interesting and captivating, but not at all easy.

I found the oldest science not only studied stars, it involved "evolution, physics, chemistry, meteorology, the motion of all celestrial objects and the formation and development of the Universe." At 2 am (you read it right) I had to close my world of psychology and climb to the roof top observation deck of my residence with teacher and 3 other students to observe the night sky. I was in the "observational branch of science" which focused on acquiring and analyzing data. I never got into the theoretical branch. And I have to say I developed a love and cherish my study of the night sky. And, YES, those majestic celestrial objects DO HAVE POWER..... to think you are absolutely removed from it, is just plain stupidity.

For those of you with wisdom, work with the POWER.