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Dr. Marie Meade
Dr. Marie Meade


Distance Consciousness Healing

Distance Consciouness Healing
Distance Consciouness Healing

"Rei" means Universal, and "Ki" means life force energy that flows through every living being. In other words, Reiki means the vital life force energy that keeps us all alive. Every living being receives this energy naturally while sleeping. Now please get this and it is important, Reiki does NOT belong to any specific religion or any community. IT IS AN ALL ENCOMPASSING SPIRITUAL FORCE OF LIFE. Oh yes, like many things in religious circles, things are claimed that are NOT SO and in the 21st century more science is being revealed.

REIKI is very much part of Consciousness. So what really is Consciousness, very simply put for now, is an altered state of awareness. And just as "awareness" has different levels in each human being, so does consciousness. Yes, there is much more to consciousness.

What does Reiki actually do? "It helps to reduce stress, pain, and worries, balancing on all levels — mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual — which allows the body to heal itself." 
There have been MANY tests done in the late 20th and now in the 21st century on Reiki Effectiveness on human beings and one such very involved scientific program at The University of Pennsylvania in October 2013 states:  "The results from this large-scale multi-site effectiveness trial suggest that a single session of Reiki improves multiple variables related to physical and psychological health".

Any Spiritual healing, including releasing Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual pain can be beneficial for those going through a lot of strained complications in their life and life experiences. "ANY PAIN" is a signal in your nervous system and a negative blockage which leads to more negativity and can cause different degrees of trouble, if left untreated, with health, in relationships, job performance, a life of lack, sacrifice, stress, limitations, injury, or mental and physical diseases.

A Note from Dr. Marie Meade on her "Distance Consciousness Healing" technique:

Yes, both my daughter and I are Reiki Master Practitioners. After retiring, I began my home business.  I Love Reiki, so for a few years, I began using it long distance.  Each time I used it got better.  SOOOO, it was born!

I do "DISTANCE CONSCIOUSNESS HEALING" (that's what I call it) which is a powerful technique I established in which I have combined science and spirituality to transform blocks, fears, programs, and traumas that cause dis-ease emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I have done it on many clients. Some have known it and some have not. When I saw a need I did it.

Scientifically it has been proven and is now becoming widely accepted that our thoughts create our reality.  I do not have to be in your presence to do this treatment.  Yes, I established it from the "mind treatments" I give that have become very successful. The person is more comfortable in their home environment and many times more relaxed.

I am in my home office and prepare myself with certain prayers and clear myself with this routine "I bless and light candles and incense; my hands blessed with Reiki Power with certain prayers; I clear my mind; then clear with my hands from head to feet, AII of ME".

Then I begin with the client.  One Session is approximately 1 and a half hours and it Is done for three consecutive days. The client for this must be in bed and relaxed.  That is all that is required for the client and they may fall asleep. IT IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLY BY APPOINTMENT: The Cost Is $180.00 for the three day session.

Love & Light - Dr. Marie Meade


Distance Consciousness Synergizing Treatment


"Healthy" individuals experience many, many shades of consciousness both day and night.  "It is your consciousness and energy that uses 'matter' to create your physical reality." To manage all levels of your consciousness: YOU MUST HAVE STRONG BELIEF and UNDERSTANDING OF YOURSELF. And this does not happen without the education and assistance of trained and capable educators. Every human born has three states of consciousness. And NOT every human born has healthy states of consciousness. ALL states of consciousness are connected with your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual faculties, all your energy, all your life experiences.

CONSCIOUS is your expression in thoughts, feelings, the wide awake state, awareness, speech, actions.

SUBCONSCIOUS creates with your thinking processes, beliefs, words said, and all language of images and symbols.

HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS  has been examined, written about, tested on all levels, and profoundly debated by philosophers, theologians, metaphysicians, science and scientists. We know definitely it is the "state signifying the deepest spiritual aspect within all humanity....'GOD'!"

In plain and simple English, 'IT' will be your Highest State of Enlightened Awareness and Understanding. And, the answer to your next question IS: "NO" many, many do NOT ever reach 'IT' or understand 'IT' including the ordained and well-educated among you. It has been the life work of Dr. Marie Meade and she is still studying perpetually.

Do you need some help unlocking this awareness? We all do Bridge the gaps between the levels of consciousness we all have and expand your success, your happiness, your overall well being; book your two night distance sessions with Dr. Marie today and synergize all three levels of human consciousness within yourself to help create your ideal life and purpose within this lifetime.

One Session is approximately 1 and a half hours and it Is done for two consecutive days. The client for this must be in bed and relaxed That is all that is required for the client and they may fall asleep, it is in fact preferable for the client to be asleep. IT IS NOW AVAILABLE ONLY BY APPOINTMENT: The Cost Is $170.00 for the two day session. Appointments are fulfilled on a first come, first served basis.